Batman, Shazam, Zoom's Academy, Marvel Movies: Comic Reel Wrap for November 19th


LatinoReview notes that Academy Award winner Lindy Hemming is the costume designer for the new Chris Nolan-directed Bat-film. Her work has been seen on "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets," both "Tomb Raider" movies and recent Bond films as well.


Superherohype sat in on the Marvel Analyst Day webcast and found out that "Fantastic Four" won't make '04 after all. The new release date will be summer 2005, with a huge toy roll out and numerous licensees already chomping at the bit. Avi Arad mentioned that a new writer for "Hulk 2" has been hired, with a possible TV show in the works. Avi Arad confirmed that "X-Men 3" will be in theatres in 2006.


Superherohype also caught up with Sandy Collora, director of the popular fan-film "Batman: Dead End," who has set sights on directing the William Goldman script for New Line Cinema. "Goldman has truly captured the spirit of Billy Batson's plight, both as Captain Marvel, and as a fifteen-year-old boy trying to figure out his place in the world. Like it's tremendously successful predecessors 'Superman' and 'Spider-Man,' Goldman has stoked this script's furnace with what most comic book films lacks, heart. I feel this film ... I see this films every moment, every frame, every ounce of trepidation and frustration Billy feels, every detail of Captain Marvel's costume, every magnificent beam of magic hour light that bathes his muscular frame with the girl in his arms as he majestically floats skyward."


The gang at Revolution Studios has hired writer Adam Rifkin ("Small Soldiers," "Mouse Hunt") to adapt the graphic novel "Zoom's Academy for the Super Gifted," created by Jason Lethcoe, according to Variety.


Adult Swim has an animated version of the opening sequence from last summer's blockbuster, which will soon be available on the soon-to-be-released DVD.


Ain't It Cool News' Elston Gunn reports that "Walden Media has acquired the rights to Adam Mortimer's unpublished comic book proposal BIBLIONAUTS for Angry Films to turn the property into a series of motion pictures. Story follows two kids who stumble upon a device invented by an eccentric scientist that enables them to be transported into great works of fiction. The kids embark on a series of spectacular adventures only to realize that someone is changing the outcome of classic books and altering real world history."


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