DC Comics Adds a Shocking New Layer to the Superman Mythos

On October 31, DC Comics will release the very first issue of Batman Secret Files, which promises to “Delve into Batman’s case histories" with "brand-new stories by some of comics’ most exciting talents.” However, in CBR’s exclusive preview of Issue #1, it's the familiar Batman creative team of Tom King and Mikel Janin that kicks off the series with a massive bang.

After pummeling some criminals, Batman is approached by Superman, who holds out his hand and offers the Caped Crusader the ultimate gift.

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“Platinum kryptonite,” the narration box reads. “It gives you powers. Powers like Superman’s.”

The Man of Steel then encourages Bruce to touch the glowing rock.

“Just touch it, Bruce, just once, and it lasts a lifetime,” he says. “Then you can fight as I fight, as you should fight. With true strength.”

As Superman leaves, Bruce contemplates the tantalizing opportunity his fellow Justice Leaguer has presented him with, visualizing himself melting a bullet fired by The Joker with heat vision.

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Of course, longtime readers will likely recall that there have been a number of variations of the standard green kryptonite added to the Superman mythos over the years. However, this latest addition to the bunch, platinum kryptonite, is certainly unique in the sense that it can actually bestow an individual with the very same abilities as the Man of Steel. In fact, from the way it’s described, it appears to be the antithesis is gold kryptonite, which permanently removes a Kryptonian’s powers.

The question, now, is whether the World’s Greatest Detective chooses to indulge in the gift his close friend has given him, or if he instead opts to remain a man among gods.

Batman Secret Files #1, by Tom King, Tom Taylor, Jordie Bellaire, Cheryl Lynn Eaton, Mikel Janin, Elena Casagrande, Jorge Fornes, Brad Walker and more goes on sales Oct. 31 from DC Comics.

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