<i>Batman &amp; Robin</i> is 'like David Lynch doing the Batman TV show'

More details have begun to trickle out about Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely's run on the new series Batman & Robin, finally confirmed yesterday by DC Comics.

In a brief interview with IGN.com, Morrison describes the title "as the next book in what will be a five-volume series beginning [with] 'Batman & Son'," the 2006 Batman story arc that introduced Damian Wayne as the son of Bruce Wayne and Talia al Ghul.

Compared to "Batman & Son" and "Batman RIP," Morrison says Batman & Robin is "maybe more poppy, and more colourful, but it's also creepier."

"It's like David Lynch doing the Batman TV show," he says.

There are more details at the link, of course.

The interview was conducted by email, so there aren't any follow-up questions. That leaves at least one of Morrison's statements -- "Frank Quitely's coming back to the book to wrap up our year-long storyline ..." -- open to interpretation.

I take it to mean, somewhat disappointingly, that Quitely will draw the first and fourth arcs, with other artists handling the middle two. Given the speed at which Quitely works, that's certainly understandable -- expected, even -- but disappointing nonetheless.

Hopefully, more information will be revealed in the coming days.

Batman & Robin will debut in June.

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