Batman & Robin battle Joker in this spectacular LEGO diorama

The Dynamic Duo battles the Clown Prince of Crime in this spectacular LEGO diorama that looks so much like a comic book cover that you'll either want to read it or frame and hang it on the wall.

Called "LEGO Batman vs Joker Gotham Theater Showdown," Paul Hetherington's incredibly detailed piece uses as its backdrop an appropriately ornate Art Deco theater. "I absolutely love Art Deco-style buildings," Hetherington explains, "so building this was an excuse to indulge myself and create my own Art Deco Theater."

However, he didn't stop there: The diorama includes a classic Batman logo, to give it the feel of a comic cover, as well as moving parts. As you can see in the video below, The Joker's trolley, the Joker Gas-infected police officers, and the Batcopter all move. Hetherington even crafted a story for the piece:

Once again that Mad Harlequin of Hate, The Joker, brings menace to the citizens of Gotham. Beware as the Streetcar named Destruction advances into Gotham, and the Joker’s henchmen unleash horrible Joker Gas! Listen to the eerie dreadful laughing --- has the Joker taken control of everyone?!? Wait --- look above --- that symbol of justice descending from the sky --- The Batcopter! Piloted by the plucky Robin, The Boy Wonder and the courageous Batman! Are the tornado team of crime crushers in time to oppose the Grim Jester in the gripping tale of --- Gotham Theater Showdown!!

See details of the diorama, as well as more of Hetherington's work, on his Flickr account.

(via The Brothers Brick)

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