Bat-Ship Crazy: 15 Women Batman Hooked Up With

With a history in comics that spans nearly eighty years, a character like Bruce Wayne is bound to have a slew of love interests up his sleeve. Make no mistake, Batman may be harsh and brooding, but the Dark Knight gets around. To keep up appearances for the public eye, he does have to play the role of a playboy billionaire, after all. Thus, his promiscuity is a tool from his utility belt that is often employed. Sometimes, Bruce Wayne’s bedroom exploits are sincere, given a particular relationship he is engaged in. Other times, however, such behavior develops out of impromptu moments of passion; a few instances of this nature are, admittedly, considered controversial.

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There are a multitude of ways in which to examine the Dark Knight’s long tenure as a pop culture icon. This time, we are highlighting of few of his aforementioned intimate ventures. Batman’s a fascinating character; therefore, his choice of love interests must be equally as intriguing. In the following list, we will take a look at some of these women and their connection to the man behind the cape and cowl. Despite there being several more, we’ve narrowed it down to 15 of the women Batman has hooked up with in various forms of media.

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Apart from Selina Kyle/Catwoman, Talia al Ghul is inarguably the most famous of Batman’s love interests. As the mother of his son, Damian, their relationship is equal parts tumultuous and admirable. Although, it is probably safe to say tumultuous is the more apt word to use in describing Bruce and Talia, especially considering the way their child was conceived in Grant Morrison’s Batman run.

Because she is the daughter of Ra’s al Ghul, Talia and Batman are often depicted at odds despite their romantic involvement. The dynamic between the two is of more intrigue since she is his equal in combat proficiency, but only gets to occasionally act as an ally due to their differing moral beliefs. Regardless of the various ups and downs, though, he remains her beloved.


Andrea Beaumont DCAU

Andrea Beaumont was introduced as Bruce Wayne’s better half in the DC Animated Universe film, Batman: Mask of the Phantasm. Their love is intense, beautiful and hopelessly romantic in every way imaginable. It stands to reason their love making is of the same caliber. In fact, Andrea had Bruce so enamored that he considered giving up the Batman mantle early in his career to pursue a happy life with her. Not many women can say they have a similar effect on the crimefighter.

Unfortunately, wedding bells were never able to ring for the couple. A chance turn of events cut their engagement short, and her return to Gotham did not culminate in their happily ever after. But for the brief period that she was around once more, their passion seemed to have not missed a beat.


Before Trey Songz, Bruce Wayne was the original “Mr. Steal Your Girl.” Batman has a history of falling for Superman’s beloved Lois Lane; Bruce even married her once. Sometimes, it’s almost too easy for him. Bruce swoops in and woos Lois with his irresistible charm. Meanwhile, Clark Kent stands on the sidelines, silent about his feelings for the reporter. Narratives such as these make for interesting reading, or watching.

Perhaps the saddest example is in Superman: The Animated Series, wherein Bruce’s visit to Metropolis turns into a passionate romance with Lois. The Man of Steel is caught in a tough spot that ultimately ends well for him, since the couple’s relationship is a relatively short one. In the end, though, the longevity of their union matters little; as lovestruck as they appear, they are bound to have had plenty of fun to remember each other by.


Black Canary, aside from being one of DC’s most masterful fighters, is best known for her relationship with the Emerald Archer, Oliver Queen. Although, there is one stint in which the heroine is depicted as Batman’s lover. Their impromptu romance is fleeting, and takes form as a Frank Miller-written Dark Knight in All-Star Batman and Robin has just finished up burning some thugs alive.

Their intense passion is not born from some idyllic setting or affectionate circumstance. No, Black Canary gets the hots for the Bat because of how adeptly he is able to dispatch a group of criminals using merely his fists and a molotov cocktail. This unlikely pairing of heroes and the strange reasoning that fuels it are compelling to say the very least.


As one of Gotham City’s upper class citizens, Silver St. Cloud is able to connect with the extraordinarily wealthy Bruce Wayne on at least the financial front. The two are romantically involved for a while. However, once Silver learns of Bruce’s nightly adventures as the Batman, she decides to step away. Her fear of losing him may have kept them apart for a spell, but upon her return to Gotham their passion is reignited, despite her engagement to another man. An engagement she ends to pursue another chance at love with Bruce.

In Kevin Smith’s limited series, Batman: The Widening Gyre, it’s clear why Silver would choose to abandon her future husband for Bruce Wayne. Apparently, he should be in the running for "World’s Greatest Lover", as he brought her to “double digit” levels of pleasure in their first night together.


Radio show host Vesper Fairchild is not a particularly prominent figure in the Batman mythos. She meets the playboy billionaire on her show, which eventually leads to a budding romance between the two. Over time, Vesper becomes a confidant of Bruce Wayne’s with their relationship dipping in and out of seriousness. She’s willing to give it her all and he, being Gotham City’s vigilante, does not always seem up to task.

Unfortunately, their union culminates in Vesper Fairchild’s murder. Because her body is found in Wayne Manor, Bruce is considered suspect number one and is indicted for the crime, before he receives vindication as the real murderer is brought to justice. We’re left to wonder how genuine the pairing was, but it is one that should not be discounted.


Vicki Vale has been a mainstay in the Batman canon for decades, appearing in every medium in which the Dark Knight is featured -- comics, film, television and video games. More often than not, she is depicted as a romantic partner. The reporter falls for that good ol’ Bruce Wayne charm, or the billionaire is humbled by her personality; either way, this is a couple that’s usually worth rooting for.

Kim Basinger’s Vicki Vale is the most known iteration, thanks to her role in Tim Burton’s Batman alongside Michael Keaton. In the 1989 film, Bruce and Vicki are seen going to bed together after a night of mixed communication concludes in mildly intoxicated fun. Their dynamic in any form of media is exciting to watch, but the chemistry between Basinger and Keaton is extra special.


Sasha Bordeaux on her own is an incredibly compelling character. However, prior to her famous affiliation with Maxwell Lord’s Checkmate, she starts out as Bruce Wayne’s bodyguard much to his dismay. Upon discovering her employer is actually Batman, Sasha trains to be a crimefighter under the vigilante’s stewardship. During this time she slowly falls for him, even though he is in and out of relationships with other women, such as radio show host Vesper Fairchild.

Sasha’s unmitigated loyalty is tested when Vesper’s murdered, as she refuses to out him as the Batman to clear her name. She serves time for him… that’s love. Sasha and Bruce are intimate, yet their union is never anything to write home about. It isn’t serious and the two eventually drift apart. At least it seemed fun while it lasted.


Jezebel Jet Batman

Turmoil does not begin to describe the romance between Bruce Wayne and Jezebel Jet. Bruce begins dating the former supermodel in an attempt to regain a semblance of normalcy in his double life. Jezebel’s involvement in a crime organization, the Black Glove, ensures their relationship’s failure, though. While together, the passion they share is easy to discern and effortlessly flows off the page, culminating in his telling her the truth about Batman.

Again, Jezebel Jet’s criminal behavior, mixed with betrayal on her part, doesn’t allow for their companionship to go very far. Interestingly, what Jezebel’s deception does offer is Talia al Ghul a chance to step in and prove her love for Bruce. This love triangle, like the union it spawned from, is messy and quite violent.


In the New 52’s "Zero Year" arc, Julie Madison gives an amnesia-stricken Bruce Wayne an honest chance at true love and consummate happiness. They are a cute couple; so cute that Alfred decides letting Bruce forget he’s the Batman is all right if it means giving the former vigilante an opportunity to feel contentment. Of course, while the two lovebirds are living life as their best selves, Gotham City’s criminal underbelly refuses to take a break. Thus, Commissioner Gordon is left to adopt the Batman mantle for a time.

As chaos ensues, Bruce learns of his tenure as the Caped Crusader and chooses to return to his duty of protecting Gotham. Suffice it to say, Julie isn’t happy, as their passion will become a distant memory. Yet, supports him she does, making her one of the more beloved of his romantic interests.


Even when receiving a brief implication in Batman Beyond, the Barbara Gordon/Bruce Wayne union felt… off. She’s the daughter of his friend, James Gordon, is often portrayed as his adopted son Dick Grayson’s girlfriend, and, in many iterations, Batman is integral to her growth from adolescence into a young woman. Feeling “off” about their sexual relations is an understatement; however, Babs and Bruce are two mature, consenting adults -- they can do what they please.

The biggest surprise regarding their intimacy develops during Batman Beyond 2.0, the comic set after the events of the animated series. Here, Dick Grayson’s absence from the show is finally explained: Bruce had gotten Barbara pregnant. Divisiveness among fans about the couple erupted once more as a rooftop scene in The Killing Joke’s animated film adaptation caused an uproar. Needless to say, this is one pairing most aren’t willing to ship.


Chase Meridian isn’t remembered very fondly for the sole purpose of her involvement in Batman Forever. But the flirtatious nature of her relationship with both Batman and Bruce Wayne helps make her character, played by Nicole Kidman, all the more appealing. As a psychologist, Chase’s fascination with the Dark Knight is fueled by curiosity and intrigue. She flirts with him persistently, often managing to soften his resolve of wanting to maintain professionalism.

Their complex situation revolves around a game of cat and mouse, where Chase pursues the Bat and Bruce attempts to get closer to her. When she discerns the two are the same person, she promises to keep his secret. The back and forth is excitingly played by both Kidman and Val Kilmer; it’s a shame the two weren’t given better material to work with.


A New God of New Genesis, Bekka’s connection to the Caped Crusader is engaging for one distinct reason -- the attraction is not authentic. Because she is the God of Love, Batman falls under her spell during Superman/Batman. Her powers work similar to those of a siren’s call, as one cannot help but succumb to desire for her. Coincidentally, Bekka is mesmerized by the Dark Knight as well, since her powers work both ways. Unable to resist one another they make love, resulting in Bekka cheating on her husband, Orion. Luckily for her, all is forgiven.

This particular love affair, though it is no fault of his own, causes Batman to reevaluate certain aspects of his perpetually influxing love life. If nothing else, the short-lived romance gives readers a brief glimpse into the hero’s cursory thoughts on intimacy.


Nocturna, or Natalia Knight, is another one of Batman’s more fleeting romantic interests. They have a strenuous history -- the jewel thief did kidnap Jason Todd and take him in as her ward for a time, proposing her and Batman marry to form a truly happy family. Things fail to go exactly as Nocturna would have preferred, but the two have a fling.

Their brief romance is insincere, though. In her pre-Crisis origins, where this relationship blossoms, Nocturna suffers from a condition that makes her skin highly sensitive to light. A perfume she uses acts as a narcotic; thus, falling in love with her is almost a given. Of course, this happens to Batman. Their coupling is relatively passionate, until he realizes the extent of his obsession.


Few couples in popular culture are as driven by uncontrollable tension as Batman and Catwoman. And even fewer duos of this caliber are executed half as well, especially when considering how the two have been paired across comics, film, television and video games. Trying to imagine the Dark Knight without Selina Kyle’s enthralling personality is akin to pondering what the vigilante would do without The Joker as his foil. Simply put, they’re like peanut butter and jelly. Despite her challenging aspects of his moral code, their complex lifestyles suit one another effortlessly.

Typically, said tension culminates into something good for the both of them. Their affinity for one another is so good, in fact, that Bruce has recently behaved a bit uncharacteristically, asking for Selina’s hand in marriage. Without a doubt, their relationship is being elevated to yet another masterfully written level.

Which of these Bat-ships is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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