Batman's Red Hood Finally Gets His Own Funko Pop! Figure

Jason Todd as Red Hood

Another San Diego Comic-Con means another four day of non-stop hunting for fans of Funko's Pop! figure collectibles. The toy manufacturing company always releases highly-sought-after exclusives for the big event, and this year is certainly no different.

Today, Funko revealed the DC Comics-based exclusive figures that will be available at the convention, and it features a new member of the Bat-family: fan-favorite character Jason Todd, aka the Red Hood.

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Red Hood Funko Pop figure


This is the very first Pop! figure of the Red Hood, which will undoubtedly make it a hot ticket item when it will finally be available. Joining the Red Hood are Funko Pop! figures of Teen Titans' Go!'s Killer Moth and multiple variants of the Justice League movie's Flash.

Jason Todd is most famously known for being the Robin that died at the hands of the Joker. However, years later, Jason would resurface once again, this time assuming the mantle of the Red Hood. Although he returned as a villain, Red Hood eventually joined the rest of the Bat-family as a protector of Gotham City.

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The Red Hood Funko Pop! figure, as well as the other exclusives from the DC Comics wave, will be available at Funko's booth during this summer's San Diego Comic-Con 2018, July 19 to 22.

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