Batman, Punisher, Smallville, Spider-Man 2: Comic Reel Wrap for October 29th, 2003


According to Batman On-Film, rumors of Dennis Quaid's involvement are incorrect. Their source said, "Sure, Quaid's name may have been in the mix [for the role of Gordon], but I don't know how serious that [rumor] was, but I am pretty sure he is no longer up for the role." They noted another source saying, "wouldn't expect any major news, casting or otherwise, until early in 2004. With the lead cast in Christian Bale, the word is is that WB will not make any news regarding the production until after the first of the year."


Comics Continuum also has producer Gail Anne Hurd, talking about how impressed she was with John Travolta. "What really impresses me about him is the research that he does," she said. "Because Jonathan (Hensleigh) is a first-time director, he wanted to get a sense of Jonathan. He read the script, and he loved it. So he made calls to various people that Jonathan has worked with, was truly impressed that a star of his stature made the phone calls himself. And he checked out Jonathan to see what Jonathan is like. And all the reports came back that this guy has been preparing to direct since his first day in Hollywood. So, thumbs up."

About the character Howard Saint, Hurd said, "He's very much cold and calculating, very smart. But very charming. And the one thing you'll also find out about John Travolta is that he doesn't like to play the same character. It was very important for him to know Jonathan wouldn't say, 'We want him just like (the character) you played in Swordfish or the character you played in Pulp Fiction' or the character you played in, you know, name the film. He's very magnetic in the film. And very contained and controlled. And very intense." Trailers should be in theatres next month.


Kryptonsite has a new gallery of photos from the November 5th episode "Relic" (as well as the requisite spoilers and plot synposis, a little bit down the page, along with notes on a whole lot of future episodes). Of tonight's episode guest starring Michael McKean, executive producer Al Gough told Comics Continuum, "The writing, acting and direction are all top notch, Michael McKean gives a wonderful performance as (NAME DELETED TO SAVE YOU FROM THE SPOILER) and brings a dimension to the character that you haven't seen in any other incarnation of Superman." Finally, Smallvillefans.com has an interview with Jeph Loeb recent guru of all things Kryptonian as well as being the writer of "Teen Wolf," and there's some tidbits in there about the Superman and Batman movies. Thanks to Anh for pointing that out.


Of course, Comics Continuum has photos and spoilers on the latest episode of Mutant X, called "The Taking of Crows." Fans of skimpily dressed young women will not be disappointed.


Comicon Pulse's Jennifer Contino say down to interview storyboard artist Jack Hsu about some of the work he's been doing, including the upcoming Doc Ock powered sequel.


Comics Continuum is busy today, starting off with an interview with Josh Lucas, who played Major Glenn Talbot. They also have more than one hundred still photos from the movie.


SciFiWire reports that Universal Pictures has optioned the film rights to DC Comics' "The Psycho" a miniseries from 1991 about a superhuman spy. Thanks to Mordechai Luchins for pointing that out.


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