Batman: How and Why Poison Ivy Has Taken Over the World


SPOILER WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for Batman #42 by Tom King and Mikel Janin, on sale now.

Everyone loves Ivy, and now we know why.

The second chapter of Tom King and Mikel Janin's current Batman arc explains the nature of Poison Ivy's machinations, a new plan that has seemingly resulted in her enslaving the entire world.

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Last issue, Bruce managed to free himself and Selina from Ivy's thrall, but billions remain trapped in a creepily idyllic world of Ivy's making. The entire planet has become a global, if more environmentally friendly, Village of the Damned, and Bruce and Selina seem largely helpless to stop it. Ever the detective, though, Bruce has figured out that there might be another who's immune to Ivy's all-encompassing influence.

We know why everyone loves Ivy, and Bruce has figured out how.

This Is What Happens When You Eat Your Vegetables

Under a possessed Superman's watchful eye, Batman and Catwoman head out in broad daylight, and stop where many a Gothamite has enjoyed countless lunches – Batburger. Selina takes Ivy's entire takeover in stride, doing what every engaged bride-to-be does: discussing wedding plans with her future husband. Selina lightheartedly observes that Ivy will now be involved in every aspect of the wedding, since Ivy is now involved in every aspect - of everything.

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In turns out Batman is searching for a boy named Johnny Suntres. The young man apparently has an allergy to greens, and Batman thus suspects he is immune to Ivy's control. He's apparently on to something, as when Bruce and Selina visit the boy's home, they're attacked by The Flash, as well as both Kid Flashes. Bruce and Selina dispatch them easily enough, but are subsequently taken down off-panel by Wonder Woman and Green Lantern (Jessica Cruz). The couple is left bound and hanging from a skyscraper, where Batman communicates to Ivy through Superman.

His capture is enough for Batman to deduce that Ivy is in fact controlling the human populace via their consumption of fruits and vegetables, which she herself controls. If there were ever an argument for any kid not to eat his veggies, Ivy has sure helped them make it. Of course, young Johnny can't eat his, but it stands to reason that there are probably plenty of veggie haters and meat lovers out there who might find themselves similarly free of Ivy's influence. Millions who are starving still might not find Ivy's world so idyllic, either.

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