Batman Performs Everyone's Injustice: Gods Among Us Intros

If you ever thought it might be fun to watch Batman perform the entrance videos for every character in "Injustice: GOds Among Us," you're in luck! Youtube user deathmule had the same thought, but unlike the rest of us, they did something about it.

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The following video features the Dark Knight (in his "Arkham Asylum" skin) performing the entrance scenes for every hero and villain found in the popular fighting game. While they're all pretty entertaining, we got a genuine laugh out of seeing the moody hero play hopscotch, and there's something surreally satisfying in watching Bill Batson scream "Shazam!" only to find himself transformed into Batman.


Deathmule has crafted similar videos featuring other Injustice characters like Joker and the Flash, but the Batman compilation is far and away our favorite. We're looking forward to seeing them create a similar video when the sequel, "Injustice 2," arrives.

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Available for preorder now, “Injustice 2” arrives May 16 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and digital download.

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