Batman and the Outsiders Writer Reacts To Black Lightning Creator's Slam

Tony Isabella, creator of Black Lightning, criticized DC over its depiction of his character in the relaunched Batman and the Outsiders. Series writer Bryan Hill has now responded to Isabella's critique.

"I care about Black Lightning very much," Hill said on Twitter. "I also care about Katana, Cassandra Cain and Duke Thomas. These characters have passionate fans who deserve thoughtful stories. My hope is that BATMAN and THE OUTSIDERS proves that. For everyone." Hill went on to say that no one should attack any creator for their opinion of him or his work. "Let's focus on the work and see where it all goes and thanks so much for reading," he said.

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In his original post, Isabella lamented that Black Lightning had been relegated to a support role for Batman. "It's insulting to the character, his fans and the creator with whom he wouldn't exist," he wrote. "For authentic Black Lightning, read Black Lightning: Cold Dead Hands and watch the brilliant TV show."

DC's newest take on Batman and the Outsiders is written by Hill and illustrated by Dexter Soy. The series spins out of the events of Detective Comics#982-987, with Batman making Black Lightning leader of the Outsiders team with Katana, Signal and Orphan.

Created by Tony Isabella with Trevor Von Eeden, the character debuted in 1977's Black Lightning #1 as DC's first major black superhero. He's had various stints with the Justice League and was a member of the original team of Outsiders, alongside Batman, Metamorpho, Katana, Geo-Force, Halo and Looker. Black Lightning also has a starring role in Season 3 of Young Justice, titled Young Justice: Outsiders, airing on the DC Universe streaming service.

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The CW's Black Lightning launched in 2018 and recently concluded its second season. Batman and the Outsiders #2 hits shelves June 12.

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