DC Reveals New Batman Creative Team

Following much speculation, DC Comics has officially revealed the new creative team for its mainline Batman title.

Starting with January's Batman #86, the new writer on the series will be none other than James Tynion IV. Tynion is certainly no stranger to the character, having previously written Detective Comics under DC's Rebirth banner, not to mention many other comics starring the Dark Knight.

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Tynion will succeed writer Tom King, who is set to exit the book following the conclusion of the "City of Bane" story arc in Batman #85. King's overarching story will continue in his and Clay Mann's upcoming 12-issue maxi-series Batman/Catwoman, which is also set to launch in January.

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Joining Tynion will be penciller Tony S. Daniel, who has previously served as both artist and writer on DC's mainline Batman book, in addition to being a Detective Comics alum in his own right. Daniel's other DC credits include Teen Titans, Action Comics and Deathstroke.

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Backing up Daniel on the art front will be inker Danny Miki and colorist Tomeu Morey, both of whom have also previously worked on Batman. Miki's other credits include All-Star Batman and Damage, while Morey's include Detective Comics, Catwoman and Gotham City Sirens.

Written by James Tynion IV and illustrated by Tony S. Daniel, Danny Miki and Tomeu Morey, Batman #86 goes on sale Jan. 8, 2020 from DC Comics.

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