Batman: Expect New Bat-Vehicles & More from James Tynion IV's Run

Batmobile Batman Returns

James Tynion IV has begun to share the first details from his upcoming run on the Batman ongoing comic series, teasing a blend of iconic and new elements.

Tynion IV, who was revealed on Batman Day to be replacing Tom King as the title's writer following King completing his "City of Bane" storyline this December, described his take on the character as "an action horror book driven by exciting mystery." More specifically, Tynion IV indicated his run would introduce new vehicles for the Dark Knight, revisit and update classic locations and feature the Caped Crusader's extensive roster of villains and allies while keeping the focus on Bruce Wayne himself.

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Prior beginning his run on the main Batman series, Tynion IV had launched Detective Comics during the DC Rebirth era, co-written the weekly series Batman Eternal and its follow-up Batman and Robin Eternal and written all three Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles miniseries, along with other comic book work featuring the iconic DC superhero.

Tynion IV's run begins immediately following the conclusion of King's "City of Bane," which serves as the culmination of his run on the title that began with DC Rebirth in 2016. Following this, King will team with artist and longtime collaborator Clay Mann to launch the twelve-issue maxi-series Batman/Catwoman this January, closing out the remaining plot threads from his acclaimed run.

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Batman #86 is written by James Tynion IV and illustrated by Tony S. Daniel. It is scheduled to go ons sale this January from DC Comics. The next issue of Batman, issue #80, is written by Tom King and illustrated by Daniel, Mikel Janin and John Romita, Jr. It is scheduled to go on sale October 2 from DC Comics.

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