EXCLUSIVE: DC Unveils Batman by Mignola, Batman vs. Joker Statues

DC Designer Series Batman by Mike Mignola Statue Featured

For a guy who will turn 80 in a few years, Batman sure looks good. Part of the reason for that comes from the continued creativity of writers and artists who send him on his monthly adventures, but you can also credit the action figure and statue-makers like DC Collectibles for capturing his heroic nature in all three dimensions.

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CBR has an exclusive first look at two different new statues from DC Collectibles, based on the Caped Crusader. As you can see in the photos and video provided by the company, the spring will see the release of the DC Designer Series Batman by Mike Mignola Statue and the Batman vs. The Joker Laff-Co Battle Statue!

DC Designer Series Batman by Mike Mignola Statue

Mike Mignola might be best known as the creator of Hellboy and the B.P.R.D. -- and he just unveiled the first look at David Harbour as his famous creation on Wednesday -- but he also spent some time drawing the Dark Knight both on covers and in books like Batman, Detective Comics, Cosmic Odyssey, and, most famously, 1989's Gotham by Gaslight, which has been adapted as an upcoming animated feature.

This particular statue, which stands 13.15 inches tall, is based on the previous Batman: Black and White Mignola piece, but now larger and in full color! Limited to 5,000 pieces, the Jonathan Matthews-sculpted statue will debut next April and sport a suggested retail price of $150.

Batman vs. The Joker Laff-Co Battle Statue

The following month, fans will be able to get their hands on the Batman vs. The Joker Laff-Co Battle Statue, which stands 13.5 inches from the top of Joker's upraised hand to the bottom of the Laff-Co sign. The poly-resin piece is on sale in May, with a suggested retailer price of $200.

For a 360 view of the Batman vs. The Joker statue, check out the video above. For more in DC's near future, check back with CBR on Monday, Sept. 18 for DC Comics' full December 2017 solicitations.

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