Batman: 5 Marvel Villains He Can Defeat (& 5 He Can't)

Along with Superman, Batman is one of the "OG" superheroes-- the progenitor of all the masked do-gooders we have today. He's also arguably the most popular superhero ever along with the invincible blue boy-- even your non-comic book fan friends will hilariously know Batman enough for them to ask where he was when Thanos wiped the Avengers.

While that question would be enough for you to unfriend them, they may actually be on to something (so don't... yet). Batman, despite being a mere human being has gone up against DC gods like Darkseid and even his Kryptonian friend. Hence, it would be interesting how Batman holds up against the similar baddies of Marvel. So, here are five Marvel villains Batman can get away with and five others whom his Gary Stu powers can't handle. Hellbat doesn't count, by the way, as he needed the Justice League for it.

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Green Goblin Deodato
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Green Goblin Deodato

The Green Goblin has a lot more in common with Batman than any other Marvel supervillain or even hero. He's a powerful business mogul by day and a costume wearer by night (we're talking about day and night figuratively here). Of course, the difference is that the Green Goblin is a criminally insane genius.

Of the two geniuses, however, it's safe to say that Bruce Wayne is already a few steps ahead of Osborn. Wayne's inventions as Batman is just better than what Osborn made for Green Goblin. It would be a tough fight, but nothing Bruce hasn't already handled before.


Thanos was supposedly the Darkseid of Marvel universe and was even created after the DC supervillain. Suffice to say, if Batman is no match against Darkseid alone, then Thanos will simply fold Batman in half if they ever fight.

Apart from having no weakness that any human can exploit, Thanos can easily snap Batman out of existence given that both of them get enough preparation for their fight. The next time your non-comic book fan friends ask why Batman was "absent" in "Avengers," repeat this to them.

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Captain America's fascist arch-nemesis is a lot less physically powerful than the strongest threats he faced. In fact, in his best organic form, the Red Skull was only capable of going toe-to-toe with Captain America. The robot body is a different story but nevertheless, Batman can and will find a way to defeat the Red Skull.

Batman has certainly faced evil stronger, faster, more dangerous, and more twisted than the Red Skull. The problem, however, is that the Red Skull never really dies or disappears because of Hydra and their cloning technology. He'll certainly be back but it's a good thing Batman has heirs and proteges.


Victor von Doom or Doctor Doom is one of the smartest geniuses in the Marvel universe and there's really nothing he can't do. As proof, Doom took over the entire Marvel multiverse by stealing Molecule Man's power. The guy can prove to be more powerful than Thanos or another person wielding the Infinity Stones/Gems.

What we're getting to is that Batman has no business being near him. We mean, Wayne's smart and should know already that he's no match against Doom no matter how hard he prepares. No tech in the world will save the billionaire playboy from Doom's magic and inventions.

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Batman's no stranger to facing crimelords like the Kingpin/Wilson Fisk. He's the self-styled (and self-promoted) ruler of New York (sometimes beyond) in Marvel, meaning he's right up Batman's alley and paygrade. When it comes to whoever is the better fighter, the two are most likely on par-- both are just humans and have the usual human physiology.

Fisk is 450 pounds of pure muscle (yeah, right) according to his writers and this makes him a lot stronger than Batman. When it comes to anything else, however, Batman can easily corner Fisk, just like how Daredevil (Matt Murdock) has many times.


It's a good thing Batman's never had to deal with someone (or something) like Ultron. Otherwise, he'll end up pulling his hairs out trying to learn how to defeat the murderous robot/A.I. Even the Avengers had a hard time dealing with Ultron every time it appears.

Bruce might have a chance if manages to hole up in his cave and code a virus that could wipe Ultron down but chances are, Ultron is already in his Batcave computer before he could even prepare. Without his technology, Batman is only half as functional, which means he's just a master martial arts expert, something Ultron can learn in a heartbeat and even withstand with his adamantium skin.

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What we have here again is another alien who's typically not welcome on Earth. As most of us know, Batman has a tendency to hate aliens. Venom (Eddie Brock) is one of the more persistent beings that can trouble Spider-Man and sometimes the Marvel universe but really, Batman should be smart enough to know how to deal with the bothersome symbiote.

Even without preparation, the answer is all in his utility belt; Bruce sometimes carries some sonic batarangs with him just in case. Other than that, he also knows how to manipulate some form of sonar bomb to call a horde of bats. Something similar will surely cause a great deal of pain for Venom, enough for Batman to strip him from Brock.


Galactus History Marvel Universe

There's really no defending Batman here. Perhaps if he could get a hold of all the Infinity Stones/Gems along with the Gauntlet but then, good luck with that, it's not like someone will hand those willingly or if Bruce can even handle the power.

Galactus is the most powerful force of nature in the Marvel universe. It's a being whose sole existence is dedicated to consuming everything in its path like a black hole except more colorful since it assumes whatever form its beholder can understand. So, can Batman defeat Galactus? Well, can Batman defeat a hurricane?

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Bullseye (Benjamin Poindexter) is a certified psychopath in the Marvel universe and is one of Daredevil's most notorious enemies. He also used to work for Wilson Fisk and Norman Osborn. Think of him as a criminal who killed the right people and leveled up.

In any case, Poindexter might be crazy but he's usually just called a 'regular Tuesday' for Batman. Batman has faced crazier, more skillful, and more clever criminals than Bullseye. The Joker, Ra's Al Ghul, or even Victor Zsasz, now those can probably make even Bullseye pee in his pants and Batman has unwaveringly faced those sickos.


If the Joker were to have a best friend in the Marvel universe, no other supervillain would probably fit the bill better than Loki or as he's known by everyone else, the God of Mischief. Even the mightiest of superheroes in Marvel, particularly Thor, have been deceived by Loki in one way or another. He can eventually out-guile Batman.

It's even worse for Bruce since he actually has people he cares about. Loki, being a god, can easily abuse that weakness. Besides, Batman has never really had a chance at fighting godlike beings. As it stands, Batman can't really do much against the evil heavy hitters of the Marvel universe, so he better stay in DC.

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