Batman: 5 Marvel Heroes He Can Defeat (& 5 He Can't)

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If you’ve ever ventured onto the online comic book community forums, then there is a 100% chance you’ve read of Batman beating any superhero or villain in any form of media because he has “prep time”. Fanboys like to consider this as the ultimate reason that Batman can beat anyone, but there’s logically not much truth to it.

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In this list, we’ve considered Batman crossing over to the Marvel Multiverse to fight ten of their heroes. However, we’re taking away his plot armor here and stacking him up against 5 superheroes we think he has a good shot at beating, and 5 against whom fanboy arguments won’t be applying.

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10 Can: Spider-Man (MCU)

We’re going to give the regular version of Spider-Man a lot of credit and only include the Marvel Cinematic Universe version here. The Earth-616 iteration is a bona fide genius whose powers are far too great compared to the MCU one.

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Batman shouldn’t have any difficulties at all in beating this Spidey, seeing as this Peter’s thinking is way too much like a child’s. He doesn’t use his smarts and relies on the gadgets the comes up with the suit; as Batman is a supreme thinker during combat, he’ll easily detect a fault. We saw Spider-Man lose to Star-Lord of all people in Avengers: Infinity War, so Batman should be way out of his league.

9 Can't: Thor

As far as smarts are concerned, perhaps Bruce has an edge on Odinson, but Thor is just too godly to go down to a human. Unlike Superman, Bruce won’t have an easy out like Kryptonite against Thor, and the latter’s someone you can’t head on against without doing every kind of homework on him.

After all, Thor has faced galaxy busters like Galactus, and no matter how many gizmos Batman comes up with he just can’t reach far enough to take out Thor. All the son of Odin needs is one good blast of lightning directed onto Batman and that’s that.

8 Can: Daredevil

This fight would actually be a closer contest than you’d think because both Daredevil and Batman-like to use fear as a weapon. Daredevil has the benefit of his radar sense, which allows him to anticipate any ambush and even identify people based on their heartbeats. However, he would meet his match in Batman.

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The Caped Crusader’s edge comes in the form of his smarts, which would enable him to come up with a way to negate Daredevil’s hearing advantage and take the latter out before he even knew what hit him. Besides, Batman’s martial arts combined with his armor should prove too much for Daredevil during combat.

7 Can't: Deadpool

Yes, Deadpool has been beaten by many regular foes, but what you have to remember is that these defeats are always played for laughs - that would be the key to beating Batman.

The Dark Knight’s weakness has been proven to be his lack of emotion, something that the Joker has always capitalized on. Being put up against Wade, a man whom no-one could anticipate, would remove Batman’s preparation advantage because there would be too much improbability. Since Deadpool can’t be killed (and Batman’s reluctant to kill), there doesn’t seem to be a way for Batman to keep him down.

6 Can: Iron Man

These two are considered each other’s counterparts within their respective universes, and for good reason too as they have similar lifestyles, fortunes, and genius; however, Batman has the advantage with his innate darkness.

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Iron Man is a lot more jovial and arrogant in his abilities, which won’t prepare him for Batman’s tactical mastery. You can expect Bruce to figure out the most weakest chink in Iron Man’s armor and disable the suit itself. Batman is also incredible at manipulating using just his words, and the brash Tony Stark should easily fall prey to Bruce’s cunning.

5 Can't: Black Panther

Even though T’Challa wears a similar suit like Iron Man, there’s the matter of his suit being made of vibranium. As far as we know, Bruce hasn’t come across a substance as invulnerable as vibranium and it’s hard to see him beating a vibranium powered Black Panther.

T’Challa isn’t given enough credit for his own smarts, as the man has proven himself to be very intelligent on his own. This would put him as the odds-on favorite to bring down Batman since the vibranium should handle Batman’s offense good enough until he’s required to do some thinking of his own to get the victory.

4 Can: Hulk

As much as it pains us to say it, Batman does have an actual win on the Hulk. Yes, it makes no sense that he should be able to beat the green behemoth, but a win is a win. This match-up happened in a crossover event between DC and Marvel, where Hulk tried to finish off the Dark Knight.

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Somehow, Batman was able to make his kicks hurt the Hulk, but the winning moment arrived when Batman used a certain type of gas to incapacitate him. This led to the big guy falling faint in an instant and getting knocked out to hand the win to the Caped Crusader. Sure, it’s hard to believe, but Batman’s smarts enable him to be “stronger” than the Hulk.

3 Can't: Professor X

This one doesn’t need any of your imagination to picture how it goes, as all Professor X has to do is to think of Batman and the latter’s brain should be fried. We’re discounting the use of the helmet against the Professor here, since then just about anyone can be considered as worthy of beating him.

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Batman might have all the genius in the world, but he can’t do anything about a telepath that can easily walk into his brain and turn it into mulch. The only one from the Justice League to match the Professor is Martian Manhunter, so maybe the one way Batman can win is if he tasks the Martian to do it; on his own, this fight won’t last two seconds.

2 Can: Captain America

Even though Iron Man is Batman’s counterpart, fans want to see a fight of Batman against Captain America more. This is because they’re the most similar when it comes to strength and fighting ability, making this a highly intriguing bout.

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However, the win should fall into Batman’s lap, as Captain America lacks the tools that Batman possesses. In the fight, they should be evenly matched, but Bruce’s armor and gadgets should act as the deciding factor, along with him being able to disarm Captain America and use a tactical plan to render his opponent incapacitated.

1 Can't: Jean Grey

This is easily a joke of a contest, as Jean Grey can likely give Superman pause, let alone Batman who would most likely go ignored. Jean has both telepathy and telekinesis on a cosmic scale, meaning Batman has no place to run nor anything to attack Jean with.

At her worst, Jean is capable of vaporizing anything or anyone before her, and Batman has no kind of weaponry on him that can counter a one-shot killing move like that. His armor would be useless straight off the gate, so all his gadgets are immaterial here. Batman’s best bet would be to convince Jean to give up the fight because fighting her would be signing his own death warrant.

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