Batman, Man-Thing, Superman, more: Comic Reel Wrap for January 20th


Batman-on-Film reports that a new name has fallen into the ring for the role of Lucius Fox. Veteran actor Morgan Freeman is rumored to be in talks for the role. They also say that the Reaper will not appear, and that Christian Bale has bulked up for his role as Bruce Wayne. Superherohype also has a spy report saying that Britain's Bedford and Times Citizen newspaper that notes Warner Brothers asking the local council permission to build a "temporary car park for about 200 cars." The paperwork, which was not disclosed but is available for public review, included the names of director, art director and production designer, so British readers can go find out some of those details for themselves.


Ari Arad talked to Comics Continuum about combining prosthetics and computer-generated effects to create the title character. "From the outset, Man-Thing was intended to be a prosthetic, CG-enhanced creature," Arad said, "So there was a great deal of R&D. There's positional stuff happening on location, on the set, but at the same time the stuff you don't currently see in camera was always engineered to be enhanced by digital effects. So when you see the movie, hopefully the line is pretty blurry. It's not an all-CG creature. It's a horror movie, a different telling of the Man-Thing. He's more menacing."


Superman-V.com has an update about the filming of the McG-helmed action film. That's the first bit of news -- they dispute reports that McG has been ousted for another director. They confirm the shooting will take place around Sydney and at Fox Studios, with a possible Smallville set in Washington state and at Fenway Park. Pre-production is supposed to begin in three months with principal photography in January 2005.


ICv2 notes that "Mutant X" has been picked up for a fourth season, despite claims by Tribune Entertainment that they have operated the show at a loss.


Kryptonsite notes that Tom Welling and John Glover were both seen filming with Christopher Reeves at the New York Public Library on Monday. Also, Devoted to Smallville has scans and a transcription from British magazine SFX, which includes an interview with Michael Rosenbaum, which had some real gems of quotes, like, "Everybody would be like, 'Hey Clark, still burning stuff with the eyes? Yeah? Great! Okay! See you later.' Or, 'Still shooting people at Club Zero, Lex? Yeah? Good to see ya!" and "f I loved someone as much as Lex loves Helen I, Michael Rosenbaum would take her to Disneyworld, just me and her."


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