Batman Gifts That Will Make Anyone A Kitchen Dark Knight

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Batman is known for his gadgets. Sincehe’s not super-powered, he’s got to have the best tech that money can buy, and he can afford the expense. Batman is a hero that likes to stay true to his theme. As LEGO Batman says, “I only work in black. And sometimes very very dark grey.” Batman’s also known for putting a bat logo on everything and even going so far to make bat-shaped gadgets like Batarangs.

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If Batman is one of your favorite superheroes, then you probably have a lot of bat-shaped items around your house already, but what about your kitchen? Having Batman themed gadgets around your own house is a logical progression, especially if you too only work in black and dark grey. And one place where we naturally have a lot of gadgets is the kitchen. You don't need to be Alfred Pennyworth to have a good time in the kitchen, and there are plenty of Batman kitchen wares that are worthy of giving to yourself or someone else. Now, here are five items that will help your become your kitchen's Dark Knight.



GET IT NOW: $19.99

The Bat Signal is an iconic image for Batman. When the Bat Signal shines over the Gotham City skyline, there’s trouble afoot that the Gotham Police need help with. It’s how to get in touch with a superhero who doesn’t have a cell phone for superhero business.

The tag line for Seven20's officially licensed DC Batman Kitchen Timer is “cook like a super hero,” and it’s not kidding. With this kitchen timer, you become the hero — the Bat Signal lights up to alert you when the time is up. When turned towards a wall, it actually looks like Batman is being summoned to save your food from being overdone.


GET IT NOW: $17.95

While it’s highly unlikely that Bruce Wayne would ever suit up in an apron, Alfred does leave town on occasion. So when Batman has to take care of his own superhero diet, we'd like to think that his apron would look something like this.

This officially-licensed ICUP Batman Apron depicts Batman's classic blue-and-grey costume and is made of 100% cotton and comes in an adjustable "one-size-fits-most" size. The official description for the product claims that it will help you "create superpowered meals" and "bring the Batcave to your kitchen," and naturally, it only comes in black.


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Even the Dark Knight gets a sweet tooth every now and then. With this ICUP Spatula and Cookie Cutter set, you can get your sugar fix with some Bat-Symbol-shaped cookies. The spatula is made from silicone and has a removable head, and the cookie cutter is made from durable plastic.

If you're not quite sure how to make the Dark Knight proud with your dark chocolate-chip cookies, this product also comes with recipes on the back to help give new bakers some ideas.


Batman serving tray

GET IT NOW: $19.99

When Wayne Manor has guests, there are likely more elegant (and less obvious) serving platters that Alfred would use as a cheese plate. However, when Bruce is by himself or with other members of the Bat Family, this batman Ceramic Serving Platter from Seven20 would be perfect — and it’s perfect for any Batman fan who likes to entertain.

The Batman serving platter is black, of course. Conveniently, it is also dishwasher-safe and microwave-safe, so you don’t need a butler to handwash your dishes for you. It measures 14" x 10" x 1", which is a decent amount of room for cheese, fruits/veggies or desserts.


Batman ice cube tray

GET IT NOW: $6.67

After a long night of crime-fighting, any Dark Knight might want to come back to their manor and, assuming they didn't fight Mr. Freese, have an ice cold drink. With ICUP's Batman Ice Cube tray, you can "chill" in your lair as these Bat-Symbol-shaped ice cubes protect you from room-temperature drinks.

The Batman ice cube tray is made from rubber, so it doubles as a candy mold tray as well. While one tray can only make 12 cubes at a time, you could buy a few trays without dipping too deep into the Wayne family fortune.

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