Batman: Kim Basinger Quietly Kept Playing Vicki Vale for Years

Director Tim Burton's 1989 Batman film starred Kim Basinger as Gotham City's resident ace photojournalist, Vicki Vale. And while Basinger ultimately did not get the chance to reprise her role in a sequel, she did continue to play the character of Vicki Vale in a more meaningful way, well after production on Batman wrapped.

Basinger revealed to The Hollywood Reporter that she would frequently visit terminally ill children and their families in the hospital following Batman's release. She would always go in character and made sure to wear a dress that resembled her wardrobe from the film.

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"After Batman, I went to children's hospitals like you wouldn't believe and I went for years," Basinger said. "I saw kids die and I went through the journey with their parents, but I would always go in as Vicki Vale."

"We would have these wonderful conversations and I would say that Batman was waiting on me downstairs in the Batmobile when we were finished," she continued. "I get chills just thinking about that. Anytime you can come in and make their world better, for even an hour or two, that will change their lives and it will change yours."

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This year marks the 30th anniversary of Batman's theatrical release. Even back in 1989, Basinger's Vicki Vale was lauded as one of the iconic film's major strengths, with The Hollywood Reporter declaring that performances by her and Michael Keaton greatly contributed to "the uniqueness and very soul of the film" in its original review that summer.

Little did anyone know, Basinger's legacy as the fictional journalist would extend well beyond what everyone saw on the silver screen.

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