Batman Didn’t Kill That Villain After All

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Batman #60 by Tom King, Mikel Janín, Jorge Fornes, Jordie Bellaire and Clayton Cowles, in stores now.

Currently, the Batman title has the Dark Knight reluctantly teaming with the Penguin to deal with the far more dangerous threat that is Bane, who has been revealed as the absolute mastermind behind writer Tom King's entire run. The storyline with Penguin may reach a conclusion with issue #60, but it still manages to offer a resolution to a plot thread of the previous arc, "Beasts of Burden," which unfolded over Batman #55-57.

"Beasts of Burden" saw classic Batman villain KGBeast return to Gotham where, at the secret behest of Bane, he nearly killed Dick Grayson. Nightwing was left severely injured, leading his mentor to take the fight directly to the Beast. Batman #57 featured a brutal brawl between hero and villain, a fight that ended with Batman breaking the neck of the KGBeast with his zipline gun. Batman left the Russian villain in the snow, in the middle of nowhere, unable to move or call for help. As best we could tell, despite his cardinal rule, it sure looked like Batman had left his enemy to die.

However, Batman #60 reveals that this is not the case.

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Batman 60 Bullock Gordon

Surprisingly, the revelation doesn't come from Batman himself, or Alfred, for that matter. Rather, it comes from Gotham City police officer Harvey Bullock during a discussion with Commissioner Gordon about the KGBeast case. Bullock says some agents of the JTTF caught the Russian villain right where Batman had left him, in the snow. According to him, the agents had the KGBeast's house under surveillance, and they watched the whole fight with Batman unfold.

Bullock says that the Beast was "lucky the spy guys were looking, were able to get to him." In answer, the ever hopeful Gordon answers "Batman... Maybe he knew. Knew they would find this Beast." And while Bullock doubts him for a brief second, he comes to the conclusion we all know to be true. "It's Batman." Of course he knew.

Yes, Batman may be fighting more violently than ever before, and he may have brutally beaten the KGBeast within an inch of his life -- but he didn't kill him, or leave him for dead. He knew there was a way out for the villain because, under all the pain he's currently experiencing, he's still, well, Batman.

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