Batman: 10 Justice Leaguers He's Close To (And 10 He Can’t Stand To Be In The Same Room With)

As one of the founding members of the Justice League, Batman has almost always been a member. Because of his brilliant mind and ability to plan and strategize, Batman has proven time and again that he is an extremely important asset to the group. However, he’s also one of the few members of the team to have no real superhuman or magical abilities. Because of this, he’s earned the respect of almost everyone, but still, there are those with whom he just doesn’t get along. Truthfully, he’s had his arguments with just about everyone, but some people manage to look past his rough exterior and find the good person underneath. Others aren’t allowed to see that.

Even though mostly everyone in the DC Universe respects both Bruce Wayne and Batman, we have seen on many occasions that he has certain heroes that he would rather fight with over others. Batman is a moody character, and we can totally see how he would get under the nerves of some of DC's heaviest hitters. So with all of that information in mind, we dug through the history of the League to find out a few of Batman’s closest friends within the Justice League, but more interestingly, a few members of the League that will simply never see eye to eye with the Dark Knight. From aliens to the dead, from archers to villains, from girlfriends to sworn enemies, here are ten members of the Justice League that Batman is close to… and ten more that he hates.


This is really more of a case of Green Arrow hating him, but it was pretty intense for a while there. It may have seemed like the two heroes are incredibly similar in terms of their skill sets -- both are nocturnal vigilantes who use gadgets and martial arts to help protect the innocent people of their respective cities. Neither has superpowers, both are rich. They get compared constantly.

However, Batman is usually a bit more conservative, while Green Arrow leans left, but this isn’t the source of their conflict. The real root of their hatred, though, stems from Green Arrow’s guilt over being part of the decision to erase Bruce’s memory years earlier.


This one should be obvious. Superman is one of Batman’s best friends, even if the two do find themselves at odds from time to time. Yes, the two have fought several times, usually when Superman is under some kind of mind control. Still, you would be hard pressed to find two solo heroes who work as well together as these two do.

Whenever the two meet and team up to accomplish a common goal, their enemies better watch out. Batman and Superman are a force to be reckoned with. And anyone who’s read Tom King’s run on Batman will certainly agree -- especially after reading the issue in which Batman tells Superman he’s engaged to Catwoman.



Ok, first things first -- Batman and Deadman have shared some incredible adventures. Readers of Neal Adams’ Batman: Odyssey will also know that they have shared some absolutely nonsensical and insane adventures. Two things remain consistent throughout it all: Deadman will always be vexed by the way Batman handles situations, and Batman will always hate being possessed by Deadman.

They work together pretty well for the most part, but Batman is never happy when Deadman shows up -- not only does it mean otherworldly trouble, but it also means a massive headache for the Caped Crusader. He may be a favorite of the fans, but Deadman is certainly not a favorite of Batman’s.


Another member of DC’s trinity, Wonder Woman and Bruce have an interesting history. Wonder Woman certainly respects the Dark Knight for his fighting abilities and strategic prowess, but for a time, the two were romantically entangled, as well.

The immortal Princess of Themyscera did vote to kick Batman out of the League when it was discovered that he had made contingency plans in case he ever needed to take out the Justice League, and that those plans had been stolen and used against several members already, but at the end of the day, she’ll always have Batman’s back and he’ll always have hers.



Batman is consistent on his views towards crime and criminals. While he has seen some criminals reform -- including such names as Jason Todd, Clayface, and Harvey Dent -- he is rarely without a contingency plan in case they turn back to the dark side… and they almost always do.

So, it’s no surprise that Batman and Lex don’t share the strongest of bonds. Lex kind of forced his way into the Justice League, who only agreed so they could keep a close eye on him. It was pretty much guaranteed from the beginning that Batman and Lex were not going to be friends.


This one is a bit complicated. As with most members of the Justice League, there is a level of mutual respect shared by Batman and Zatanna. The two also have shared an on-again-off-again romance (though not in quite some time). But there was a time where Zatanna and Batman were very much at odds, a moment which actually influences his relationship with several other heroes, as well.

Zatanna erased his memory at one point, to ensure that he forgot some other heinous acts that the League had done. He eventually forgave her for this, and they are back to their typical playful banter.



Turns out that the Green Lanterns and Batman share a history of knocking each other out with one punch. Hal Jordan, who had been a villain for years after being possessed by Parallax, returned to find that the Dark Knight was unwilling to trust him.

Eventually, exasperated by Batman’s consistently challenging behavior, Hal knocks the Caped Crusader on his butt, earning the respect of Guy Gardner in the process. Don’t worry, though, Bat-fans, because Batman got another punch in later on, evening things out and allowing the characters to move forward. The two have a long history, but things were shaky for a time there.


As one of Batman’s closest allies, it should be no surprise that Oracle made the list, but she and Batman have been at odds before, so this really could have gone either way. For example, upset about the way Batman had handled the city and arranged to take over the crime families in the "War Games" storyline, Oracle decided to cut ties with him.

As with all things in comics, this was short-lived. Oracle has worked with the Justice League and its members throughout several major events, including "Final Crisis". Her character was rebooted a bit in the New 52, but Oracle had a cult following and was one of DC’s best characters prior to the company-wide reboot.



Another villain who joined the Justice League, Captain Cold helped defeat the Crime Syndicate alongside Lex Luthor. The two became members of the League of superheroes afterwards, but Leonard Snart is always flipping between good and evil, and rarely follows any morality beyond his own self interest.

Batman, knowing Cold’s history with Flash, was certainly more than suspicious about the new member of the Justice League. And why wouldn’t he be? After all, Captain Cold is more known for his villainy than his heroism, and betrays his allies almost as often as he joins new teams. Of course Batman wouldn’t get along with him.


Dick Grayson, aka Nightwing, is another character who no one should be surprised to see on this list. Dick has a long history with the League as well, working with them as Robin and later as Batman while Bruce was lost in the time stream after being presumed dead after being blasted with Darkseid’s Omega Beams during "Final Crisis" … long story.

As Batman’s longest-running sidekick and ally, it is obvious that Nightwing would be one of the characters in the Justice League that Batman is closest to -- even though the two have argued and fought every now and then. It happens.



The king of the underwater city of Atlantis often prefers to stay out of the affairs of human society, but has nonetheless joined the Justice League to face threats to the planet as a whole. With a power, confidence, and entitlement that can be matched by few, Aquaman often finds himself to be annoyed with Bruce Wayne.

As with several other heroes on this list, he ultimately voted to kick Batman out of the Justice League. In fact, Aquaman was the one who was really pushing for the vote in the first place, angry about his inability to trust the Dark Knight.


Black Canary, though typically paired up with Green Arrow, has also been portrayed as having romantic attraction to Batman. In the midst of her early days with the League, she and Batman shared a kiss in a moment of emotional passion, but ultimately Black Canary refers to Batman as a brother, ending their brief moment of romance.

In Frank Miller’s All-Star Batman and Robin, he also has the two share an encounter, though, in typical Frank Miller style, it is a bit more hot and heavy. At the end of the day, though they have shared some romantic moments, theirs is a relationship that remains strongest when they work as partners and team members.



Guy Gardner is yet another hero who just doesn’t work well with Batman. Guy is one of the few heroes who has had the gall to challenge Batman in a fight, a mistake that he immediately regretted. When he joined the Justice League, Guy felt he deserved to be the leader, since he was one of the most powerful heroes.

After continuing to antagonize Batman, eventually the Dark Knight gave in and defeated Guy in one punch. The humiliated Guy has hated Batman pretty much ever since. He didn’t really vibe well with other heroes in the League and eventually quit.


Lobo and Batman aren’t characters that meet each other very often, but both are fan favorites. You wouldn’t think the two would get along. Both have particularly rough personalities, and Lobo’s is a bit more intentionally abrasive. The two even fought each other, with Batman somehow managing to come out the victor (he used a Suicide Squad head explosive).

It turns out, though, that Batman only did so in order to free Lobo from a mind control device. He did so in order to offer Lobo a position with the Justice League -- a position that Lobo gladly took in gratitude. Batman doesn’t just hand out Justice League memberships, so he must have a high opinion of Lobo, indeed.



Batman has a large amount of respect for Captain Atom’s power, but very little trust. Batman manages to manipulate Captain Atom from time to time for his own means, showing that he has a good grasp on the inner workings of Captain Atom. Captain Atom, on the other hand, is omnipotent to the point of not really caring whatsoever what Batman thinks.

Their relationship is more strained in other depictions. In Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Captain Atom is cocky and arrogant, not understanding why Batman is even in the Justice League. Their relationship isn’t always one of hate, but it certainly isn’t a close one.


Another main player of the Justice League, The Flash’s high spirits are a great foil to Batman’s dark and brooding ways. Barry Allen seems to always look on the bright side of things, but he admires Batman’s detective work. Batman, likewise, respects Barry’s similar abilities in forensic science.

Beyond a shared intellect and appreciation for solving a good mystery, the two have seen each other in action enough to know that either would give his life for the other. They share the bond of the battlefield, and even if their personalities don’t blend together perfectly, they will always respect one another and enjoy one of the better relationships in Batman’s life.



While Huntress has worked with Batman and his allies several times in the past, her methods were originally far too violent and deadly for Batman’s liking. She shared the same mission that Batman did, but for a time, he saw her as a villain. Because her heart was in the right place, Batman offered her membership in the Justice League and she accepted.

Batman was hoping that her violent tendencies would be stopped because of the influence of the League, but ultimately kicked her out of the League when she nearly murdered yet another villain. Though they share common goals, their methods are too different for them to really get along.


The relationship between Martian Manhunter and Batman isn’t one that is explored too often, but the two bear more similarities than most would think. While J’onn J’onnz is, of course, an alien from Mars who is therefore somewhat detached from the humans of Earth, Batman also views things from a detached perspective, able to separate emotion from his judgment.

The two heroes also share an appreciation for detective work; while Batman is known as the greatest detective, J’onn spends his days as John Jones, private eye. With such similar personalities, it’s easy to understand why the two usually get along so well.



Plastic Man is a hero that casual fans may not know, but major fans love. His insanity and sense of humor is reminiscent of Marvel’s Deadpool, while his power set is closer to that of Mr. Fantastic. It’s been said that he’s one of the most powerful of the DC heroes.

However, between his criminal past and his frequent breakdowns, he is a character who doesn’t exactly mesh with Batman or the rest of the Justice League. Many of them find him annoying in various stories. He also was denied a spot on the Justice League International due to his unpredictability, and he voted for Batman to be kicked out during the "Tower of Babel" storyline.


No kidding, Batman’s close to the girl that he proposed to. Yes, this one is a bit too on the nose, but nonetheless, it cannot be argued that the Bat and the Cat are close. Though they have shared a hot-and-cold relationship for decades, the chemistry between them is undeniable. They fight well against each other and even better alongside each other.

They complete each other, they understand each other, and in the most agonizing way, they can never truly be with each other. It’s awesome to watch them team up together, and Catwoman is at her best when she is playing on the side of good, so we’re always happy to see her working with Batman and the rest of the Justice League.


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