For Once, Batman is Out of His Element in Justice League: No Justice

When Order Meets Chaos

Batman is an agent of order. Everything he does is calculated to control the chaos that surrounds him before it can swallow Gotham City whole. It's an interesting idea to place him on a team that embodies chaos, instead of, say, a team that runs on data and intelligence. It's clear Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Joshua Williams and Francis Manapul want to say something specific about Batman as a human being -- however, the man himself doesn't seem to get the message.

The purpose of Team Entropy is to spread chaos wherever they go. They choose to trigger the Tree of Entropy by starting a jailbreak that promises to unleash as much chaos as possible. The problem is Batman doesn't know how to truly embrace that chaos. When forced to fight the escaping prisoners and their guards, Batman orders the rest of the team to "get in formation." Not only does this group have no formation to get into, that's not even the spirit of the team he's on.

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In opposition to Batman's order, Deathstroke calls him out by saying "If we're Team Entropy, let's go down breaking stuff." It's really the only way that makes sense if this team wants to live up to its purpose. They want to create as much chaos as possible, and formations are the opposite of that. This is the only way they end up breaking through the riot in order to find their ultimate target.

In every other scenario, you want Batman leading you in battle. He's a tactical genius who knows his way around a battlefield. It just feels like on this particular mission, where the goal is to basically do the opposite of what comes naturally, he's not the guy to turn to. Batman doesn't really know what he's doing here. Hopefully it doesn't end up getting anyone hurt.

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