Batman: The Joker's New Wedding Request Proves How Crazy He Really Is

SPOILER WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for Batman #48 by Tom King, Mikel Janin and June Chung, on sale now.

As seen in DC Nation #0, The Joker's gotten wind that Batman is getting married, and was plenty thrilled to discover that he's been invited to the wedding – at least, as far as his insane and deluded mind believes.

In Tom King and Mikel Janin's Batman #48, The Joker's delusions go even further. Everyone knows that The Joker is homicidally crazy, but in this issue, the question he poses to Batman shows that he just might be even crazier than anyone has ever suspected.

The Joker Pops a Question of His Own

First, though, The Joker makes one of his typically homicidal moves, by crashing another unfortunate couple's wedding and murdering the entire wedding party – just to get Batman's attention. The ploy works – Batman shows up, too late to save anyone, but in plenty of time to hear perhaps the craziest question of all from his foe in the pair's eight-decade antagonistic history. What does Batman's longtime enemy want to know? Whether he's going to be the Best Man at Bruce and Selina's upcoming wedding.

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Yes – the very same Joker who once crippled one of Batman's crimefighting partners and then killed another – wants to stand up at the Dark Knight's wedding. If there were somehow any doubt that The Joker was totally off his rocker, his audacious request puts that doubt to rest. Presumably, deluding himself into being invited is no longer enough – The Joker now wants to present the ring to the groom that will seal the couple's vows.

And he's willing to kill as many people as necessary to ensure this turn of events come to be.

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