Batman is a 'Demon in the Dark' in this fun DC fan film

Although you may be able to find a Batman fan film with better acting or better effects, you'll be hard-pressed to discover one that's more downright fun than "The Demon in the Dark."

Wait, that's not quite accurate: Directed by Letia Clouston from a script by Matt Clouston, it's not so much a Batman fan film as it is a DC Universe fan film -- one that fully embraces a world filled with superheroes and supervillains, where the Dark Knight is still thought to be an urban legend, Green Lantern battles Black Adam in the streets, and Zatara has his own stage show.

But that's merely a backdrop for the story, which follows six criminals sent on what quickly shapes up to be a suicide mission -- heck, you could even call them a "suicide squad"! -- to deliver a mysterious package. Along the way, they're picked off one by one by the fabled "Batman" who stalks the shadows of Gotham.

If you like the Easter eggs in so many superhero movies and television series, you'll enjoy picking out the fun details of "The Demon in the Dark," whether it's the identities of each of the criminals (don't cheat), or all of the signage in Gotham's version of Times Square. But don't get too absorbed in all of the references, because there are some entertaining twists along the way.

Also, be sure to stick around until after the credits ...

(via GeekTyrant)

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