Batman, Inc. is hiring, apparently

I've got to give artist Dennis Culver a hand. Last time we checked in with him, he was painstakingly drawing Batman's rogues gallery -- some 38 impeccable portraits of villainy in all. This time around he's taking Grant Morrison's Batman, Inc. ball and running with it, tackling 45 members of Batman's crime-fighting franchise. But wait! you say. Does Batman, Inc. even have 45 members! Ah, that's where the fun begins, Bat-fans. Not only does Culver draw the existing B-Inc. characters, as well as affiliated groups like the Birds of Prey, the Outsiders, and the Club of Heroes -- he also puts new Bat-spins on existing characters from across the DC Universe. Those are Batmanified versions of Steel, Aztek, Wally West, Big Barda, and Zauriel above, just for example; I also kinda dig the idea of Cassandra Cain as a new Nightwing, which I take it has some major fan backing. Anyway, go check out the whole line-up. (And don't miss his drawing of the cast of The Wire, too!)

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