Batman Inc. #6 Review

Batman Inc. #6 reminds me a lot about the fill-in issues of Batman that Morrison did to directly tie the events of Final Crisis into his Batman run (where I presume one of the practical aspects of that decision was to make it possible to collect Morrison's entire Batman run without having to include the rather important Final Crisis issues). Those two issues (Batman #701 and #702) were some of the most straightforward Morrison comics that you'll ever see, as he essentially just addressed all concerns or confusion people had over Batman's role in Final Crisis.

Similarly, Batman Incorporated #6 is a big info-dump, addressing concerns and confusion people had about the Batman Incorporated concept. However, while I was less than pleased with half of that earlier stint (I thought #702 was a lot more interesting than #701, which seemed to be mostly a re-hash of past events), Morrison also managed to keep this issue fun and vibrant, even as he dumped lots of information (and even addressed some concerns about Cassandra Cain). Chris Burnham's excellent artwork certainly did not hurt, as he kept up with the broad scope of this issue perfectly.

One of the concerns Morrison addresses in the issue is the role that Bruce Wayne and his corporation is playing in the funding of Batman Inc.

I love the somewhat crazed look Burnham gives Bruce.

Morrison explores that approach more by showing Batman trolling message boards (including one that looks suspiciously like Comic Book Resources' own Community Forum)

The rest of the issue is split between three different methods of telling the story.

1. We see the "big bad" Leviathon get established further (while also seeing Bruce explain to his Bat-family of heroes exactly what the deal is...off-panel, of course)

2. We see a "supplier of information" talk to a gang of low-level bad guys and dump a bunch of information about Batman's current state of operations

and, my favorite...

3. What I like to call Morrison's pointillism. He used this to great effect in Final Crisis, and I think he uses it really well here, as well. It is when Morrison gives you a glimpse of a bunch of different plots. On their own, each one is pretty interesting, but when you combine them all together, you get a brilliant picture (a lot like pointillism).

(There is a lot of bleed over from method #2 to method #3, as the information supplied often matches a "point").

Here's one of those "points," where we see just the end of Bruce and Dick aiding Commissioner Gordon...

It is in one of these "points" that we see Cassandra Cain's new superhero identity. I think Morrison came up with a good new identity for her.

As for Burnham, I can't say enough how wonderful of a job he did on this issue. He kept up with the broad strokes as well as the small stuff with equal attention - it is hard to imagine many artists this side of Frank Quitely who could have achieved what Burnham did in this comic. Just a delightful mixture of fun and intriguing writing and great artwork.

Definitely Recommended.

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