'Batman: Hush' HC collects bestselling issues plus bonus material

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Since the BATMAN creative team of writer Jeph Loeb and artists Jim Lee & Scott Williams exploded out of the gate with October's issue #608, the Dark Knight's eponymous series has been a fixture at the top of the Diamond Comic Distributors sales charts. Now the first five chapters of the team's unforgettable run are collected in BATMAN: HUSH, a hardcover volume that includes special bonus material.

The BATMAN: HUSH HC (FEB030141) collects the sold-out BATMAN #608-609 and the follow-up story from #610-612, and is perfect for fans who loved the stories the first time around, and for those who want to catch up on the action!

Along with a stunning new cover by Lee & Williams, BATMAN: HUSH features four brand-new story pages as well as two never-before-published pages previously available exclusively at www.dccomics.com. In addition, the volume includes an introduction by Loeb, plus a gallery that includes the covers to all five issues, the second printing of BATMAN #608, and the BATMAN DOUBLE FEATURE.

"From a pagination point of view, the double-page spreads wouldn't fall correctly without inserting some pages," says Lee of the added material. "Rather than running blank pages, we added a page here and a page there to ensure that the story flows seamlessly and without interruption."

"Jim and I carefully selected the moments on the new pages as enhancements," says Loeb. "Think of it as the 'director's cut' of your favorite DVD. Jim designed a startling new cover for the entire package that'll round out what's been a truly exciting experience - and it's less than half over!"

"The design of the hardcover was a tough assignment," Lee adds. "Collected editions are a different animal from periodicals. In my view, covers of collected editions are more about creating a sense of emotion than wowing the reader with action-packed, in-your-face imagery. On top of it, I had to come up with a template that would allow us to make sure the second collection will fit in with this first one from a design perspective while looking separate and distinct."

The story begins with Batman hot on the trail of Killer Croc, piecing together the mystery behind a $10 million stash swiped by Catwoman. The clues lead the Dark Knight to Metropolis, where he squares off against Poison Ivy - and Superman!

BATMAN: HUSH (FEB030141) is a 128-page hardcover solicited in the February issue of Previews (Volume XIII #2), and is scheduled to arrive in comic-book stores on April 30 with a cover price of $19.95 U.S.

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