Comic Legends: Was Huntress Going to be the Queen of Checkmate?

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Huntress was going to be the Queen of Checkmate



My pal, Devon Sanders, of the blog "Seven Hells!", wrote in to ask about an old story he had once covered on his blog.

The Huntress after working with Batman to find the whereabouts of his former bodyguard and love interest stumbles across a world-spanning plot involving Checkmate. At the end of Batman: Gotham Knights #38 after months of working with The BatFamily, she leaves to become Checkmate's Black Queen. The ending was shocking because for years she'd done everything she could to gain their trust. She wasn't seen again for months and the next time she appears, she re-emerged as a Bird of Prey with no mention of her time in Checkmate. As we know, Sasha went on to become Black Queen within Greg Rucka's Checkmate series. Was there ever a plan in place for The Huntress to become Queen beyond Batman: Gotham Knights?

The story took place in Batman: Gotham Knights #37-40, as Huntres is kidnapped but then recruited by Checkmate to be their new Queen. She makes a daring escape, turning their offer down...

But she ultimately accepts, but only due to Batman telling her to do so...

So was there more planned there? I asked the great Scott Beatty, who wrote this arc, and he explained that yes, he planned on returning to the story in future issues, but then Huntress was claimed for Birds of Prey...

and Greg Rucka had plans for Checkmate leading up to Infinite Crisis, so both of them were now off-limits, so Beatty never got a chance to return to the story.

So there ya go, Devon! Thanks for the suggestion and thanks to Scott Beatty for the awesome information!

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