Batman, Hellboy, Tutenstein, Punisher: Comic Reep Wrap for January 13th


A company called Bat In The Sun Productions has completed two fan films based on the dark nights of Gotham City. "Batman Beyond: Year One" (a sizeable download, so be prepared) is a "40 minute movie that deals with Terry McGinnis' dark past of being on the wrong side of justice." The second film, "Batman: Dark Justice" is "a ten minute movie focusing on Batman and Commissioner Gordon," and it has screen captures. Thanks to Mark Brash for the heads up on that. In other news, Dark Horizons reports that "most of the shooting is at Shepparton Studios in Middlesex, it has been confirmed they will be spending six days in London itself (which will double for Gotham) and apparently talk of a scene at a racetrack."


Despite missing out on director Guillermo del Toro, who's still recovering from major surgery and was unable to attend, the fans got some treats at Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors this past Saturday. Selma Blair, Mike Mignola and Ron Perlman were on hand to talk about the big screen adaptation, and Dark Horizons has a report on it (although they erroneously list the event as happening in LA, instead of New Jersey). Tidbits revealed include Perlman getting into directing himself after he finishes promoting this film and Blair being nicknamed "Monkeybrains" by del Toro on set. It is reported that del Toro delivered a video-taped message to the fans which was "hilarious." Oh, and very while del Toro was unable to make the Media City Con in North Hollywood, CHUD's Smilin' Jack Ruby reports that del Toro was able to show Ruby virtually the entire movie, eliciting a very positive and not wholly spoilerish review.


The Jay Stephens cartoon adaptation was part of NBC's programming slate at the Television Critics Association event in Hollywood. Episode descriptions for the first four weeks worth of shows and episode titles for the first six are available at Comics Continuum.


According to Del Rey Books, D.A. Stern will be handling the novelization chores for the Thomas Jane fueled film.


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