Batman, Hellboy, Catwoman, more: February 27th Comic Reel Wrap


That's right -- you can forget about your "Intimidation Game," because Warner Brothers Pictures has officially announced that Christopher Nolan's new Bat film, featuring Christian Bale facing off against Ken Watanabe, will be called "Batman Begins." Cinescape confirms this.


The Perlman Pages website has scans and a partial transcription from Starburst Magazine, which interviewed the lantern-jawed actor. Perlman gushed about the movie, saying "It was just a superb endeavor on that level. If you really look at the comic book, and study Liz Sherman, what you see is Selma Blair, so she was the embodiment of Mike Mignola's flight of fancy. I think that's true across the board. You couldn't get a better Professor Broom than John Hurt, plus he brings so much integrity and dignity to what is ultimately a fantasy/comic book milieu, so that lends it credibility."


Empire Online interviewed Halle Berry, who talked about both "Catwoman" and the "X-Men" franchise. "I love the look of the film," she said. "I think it's very modern, it's edgy, it's very much reflective of the 21st century and who women are today and who we are evolving into. As far as the negativity, you know, there's always negativity. I also remind myself that there was a lot of negativity around X-Men -- on the internet particularly with comic book afficionados. Nothing we did on that movie made them happy initially. By the time it was all said and done at the end of the second movie they loved it. So I think we're all taking it with a little grain of salt. We tried to stay true to what our story was, and honestly make it different to the ones of the past, because if you were to make it the same there'd be no point to make a new one, unless you change it and push Catwoman forward into the 21st century." Also, according to Hollywood Stock Exchange, the release date for the film has been moved up a week, from July 30 to July 23.


According to Superhero Hype, Lion's Gate Entertainment "has been granted licenses to develop, produce and distribute theatrical film releases based upon two popular Marvel properties -- Iron Fist and Black Widow . The announcement was made by Lions Gate Chief Executive Officer Jon Feltheimer and Avi Arad, Chairman and CEO, Marvel Studios."


Moviehole reports that "Smallville" lead Tom Welling is being considered for the role of Goku in the big screen adapatation of the popular import.


Speaking of the Kansas-centric WB hit, Devoted to Smallville has a small spoilerish tidbit about next week's episode "Crisis," and a gallery of screen captures from Wednesday's episode, "Resurrection."


Hollywood Stock Exchange lists that the release date for "Elektra" is February 18, 2005.


Comics Continuum notes that the new Bat-series will mean a shakeup for the Kids WB Saturday morning lineup. "The Batman" will air at 10:30 AM on Saturdays, and "Teen Titans" will move to 11:30 AM. "X-Men Evolution" will not be returning, and there's no word on the next step for hit series "Static Shock."


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