Batman, Hellboy, Catwoman, more: Comic Reel Wrap for December 1st


Sky News has word on casting for the new Christopher Nolan Bat-film. Clint Eastwood, best known as Dirty Harry, has been offered the role of the Mayor of Gotham City, and he seems happy with the offer, saying, "I would like to show a lighter side to my character in my later years." After being mayor of Carmel, CA in real life, is Gotham City a step up?


The president of Mezco (who's named "Mez," appropriately enough), was interviewed at NewToySmell.com. He expressed an interest in doing more Hellboy toys, saying, "I can give you the standard 'it depends on the market reaction & then our capability to react timely to that' and in short that is the truth. For me I would do more HB in a second. We are working on that decision now and are also making a few exclusives that will extend that product we are offering -- I can tell you that as of now Previews will have an exclusive Hellboy and Abe figure on the eight inch figures and that there will be an exclusive version of the 18" figure at Tower. Also we are working on some other exclusives within the first run of goods & like I said determining if we will do more assortments." In other Hellboy news, Filmrot has some details on plans for sequels.


Comics Continuum caught Halle Berry on ABC's "The View," talking about her feline role. "I never thought that this would be like the turn in my career, that I'm now this like super-hero," she said, "But with Catwoman, it's such an iconic character, and it's been done so well before. Initially, I did think, 'Why would I want to do it?' I thought I could bring something hopefully different to it. It's a different woman. It's a whole decade later from the last time Michelle Pfeiffer did it." A fan site also has a photo collage of Halle Berry prowling on rooftops.


The mutant madness returns to Cartoon Network Mondays through Thursdays at 10PM. The aforementioned page from Comics Continuum has the schedule of episodes through January 29th.


Cinescape interviews Dark Horse Comics publisher Mike Richardson about many things, including his involvement in filmed adaptations of Dark Horse properties, discussing "Son of the Mask" and "Hellboy."


Dynamic Forces is the only place online with this somewhat disturbing tidbit: Christian Bale reportedly told London's free Metro paper he wants to make the film lighter and campier like the 1960s Adam West TV series.


Our dear friends at Kryptonsite have a new rumor about wholesome Clark Kent getting a functional new fashion accessory.


This Thursday, December 4th at 7PM, Sheri Springer Berman and Robert Pulcini present and sign "American Splendor: The Official Shooting Script." The signing will take place at Book Soup, 8818 West Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood, CA. The screenwriters will also discuss their experience with their first narrative feature. For more information, call 310-659-3110.


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