Everything You Need To Know About Batman And Harley Quinn

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Coming soon to a theater near you is DC Entertainment's wacky and wild buddy-cop caper Batman and Harley Quinn! Before it arrives in homes, the animated movie starring the caped crusader and Gotham's most lovable crackpot will screen as a part of a one-night-only Fathom event. And during Comic-Con International in San Diego, CBR sat down with its cast of creators to get the scoop on Batman and Harley Quinn. 

Batman: The Animated Series co-creator Bruce Timm conceived the project, which has the titular twosome teaming-up to take down a villain, one whom Harley is particularly close to. "It's a little bit of a pinch from an old Batman: The Animated Series episode called 'Harlequinade,' where Batman had to team up with Harley to kidnap the Joker," he told us in a roundtable interview. However, it's not the Joker that Bats and Harley are chasing down, but rather her gal pal Poison Ivy, who's masterminding a plan to save the planet by wiping out all mankind.

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"I don't consider Poison Ivy evil," Paget Brewster mused about the overzealous environmentalist she voices here. "I understand she wants to destroy all humans. But! She has a point!..She just believes in her mission that humans have destroyed the earth. And let's face it, to some extent we have. I mean, we're the most damaging species on the planet. So I understand Poison Ivy wanting to stop that--in her mind--reign of terror."

To accomplish this, Poison Ivy teams up with a lesser-known DC baddie, the Floronic Man. Haven't heard of him? Neither had screenwriter James Krieg, who confessed he went to DC Wiki to familiarize himself with the character that Timm had pitched to be Poison Ivy's partner in apocalypse.

Kevin Michael Richards, who voices the brawny green giant, gaves us a rundown about the Floronic Man. "He's a plant-based behemoth of a creature" who is "very eloquent," but very dangerous. "He's killing dudes left and right in this one," Richards revealed, "(But he's) very intelligent, which I believe makes him more deadly."

"They really want to wipe out all life on earth besides plant life," he explained. "They just want to keep everything green."


"But Harley Quinn doesn’t want to die!" Brewster said, revealing the incredible circumstance that would pull sworn enemies together. "I mean, talk about a survivor. That is not going to happen. So she has to go against her best friend to stop this eco-weapon from being used to return Earth to an Eden."

Of course in some incarnations, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn are more than friends, they're lovers. What will they be in Batman and Harley Quinn? That's in the eye of the beholder, Brewster told us, saying "It's up the audience to see and hear what they see and hear and believe what they believe, and no one's wrong."

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"Are they a couple? Are they not a couple? Is there a history?" She mused, "That's up to each individual fan. I think there are hints that there's a possibility, but there's nothing concrete either way. I love that without defining it, they love each other and are friends. And now they have to go head to head against each other, because they are on opposite sides of this mission."

Brewster also revealed that Harley starts Batman and Harley Quinn in a pretty surprising place: on the straight and narrow. "She's separated from Joker. She's not acting crazy. I'm not saying she's on meds," Brewster said, "But like, 'I'm going to wait tables and get it together.' And Batman comes to enlist her to go up against Poison Ivy and Floronic Man."

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