First Look At Batman and Harley Quinn Animated Movie

The first image has surfaced from the eagerly anticipated Batman and Harley Quinn animated film directed by Bruce Timm.

Although it was announced in July as part of a slate of DC Universe Animated Original Movies that included "Justice League Dark" and the upcoming "Teen Titans: The Judas Contract," virtually nothing had been revealed about “Batman and Harley Quinn: A Bruce Timm Original." However, thanks to an iTunes listing, fans now get their first clues to the direct-to-video release.

Batman and Harley Quinn animated film

The information comes courtesy of the World's Finest fan site, which first discovered the image from "Batman and Harley Quinn" under the special features menu of the iTunes listing for "The Judas Contract."

The still of course depicts Batman, Nightwing and Harley Quinn together in the Batmobile, with the Dark Knight behind the wheel, Dick Grayson enjoying some fast food, and Harley in the back seat checking her makeup. The image not only reveals the inclusion of Nightwing in the film's cast, but confirms a return to something closer to the "Timmverse" animation style and tone that was a signature of the DC animated projects for more than a decade, from "Batman: The Animated Series" to "Justice League Unlimited."

"Teen Titans: The Judas Contract," an adaptation of the influential DC Comics storyline, will be available for digital download on April 4 before arriving on Blu-ray April 18. “Batman and Harley Quinn: A Bruce Timm Original" is expected to be released sometime this summer.

Batman and Harley Quinn animated film

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