Batman, GTO, Mutant X: Comic Reel Wrap for October 9th


Countingdown.com reports that the rumors on John Malkovich's role were slightly off. Their lead Batman editor "Typhon24" said, "John Malkovich has long been rumored for the role of The Scarecrow." The reports are all still largely uncomfirmed speculation.


[GTO]Your dear friends at Tokyopop continue their march towards dominance. ICv2 reports that they've inked a deal to bring the 43-episode anime series Great Teacher Onizuka to the Network's SHO Next channel starting on November 3 with new episodes airing nightly Monday through Friday. This marks Tokyopop's third TV deal -- Reign the Conqueror aired on the Cartoon Network's Adult Swim block earlier this year, and Rave Master will debut on the Cartoon Network's Toonami Block in 2004.


[Mutant X]Being the new guy, of course I missed the coverage at Comics Continuum (here and here, with pictures and plot synopses galore) about eight consecutive new episodes of the show to kick off the new syndicated season. This week's show is called "Wages of Sin" (written by Bob Carney and directed by Jorge Montesi).


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