Greg Capullo Shares a Glimpse of His Final Batman Project

After initially being announced as a collaboration between Scott Snyder and Sean Gordon Murphy, the upcoming Black Label series Batman: Last Knight will instead serve as a "final" Caped Crusader story by acclaimed collaborators Snyder and Greg Capullo.

Capullo recently shared a glimpse on Twitter of what is to come in the series: a beaten Batman, with blood dripping from his chin.

That fits well with what Snyder as said in the past about this story, noting that “Batman suddenly wakes up and he’s … young, but he wakes up in this post-apocalyptic wasteland, crawling out of the sand in this Gotham City that’s been ruined. He’s got the Joker’s head chained to his belt, but it’s alive and like ‘You gotta move, kid!’ It’s got old Wonder Woman, Baby Superman — it’s like my Lone Wolf and Cub Batman story.”

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As noted, the project was initially teased as a standalone series by Snyder and Murphy, but when DC announced its new Black Label imprint, it was instead Capullo who was attached to the project. Here's the description: "In this strange future, villains are triumphant and society has liberated itself from the burden of ethical codes. Fighting to survive while in search of answers, Bruce Wayne uncovers the truth about his role in this new world—and begins the last Batman story ever told.”

Batman: Last Knight does not yet have a release date. The other Black Label books will start to debut this fall.

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