"Batman: Gotham Knights" Artist Al Barrionuevo Signs Exclusive With DC

Official Press Release

Al Barrionuevo, artist of BATMAN: GOTHAM KNIGHTS, has signed a 2-year exclusive contract with DC Comics.

"It's clear that Batman is one of the best characters in American comic books. A lot of very important artists have given us their vision of the bat, with styles as different as Enrique Breccia, Jorge Zaffino, Jordi Bernet, Katsuhiro Otomo, Brian Bolland, Paul Pope, Jim Lee and a thousand more," says Barrionuevo. "I'm extremely lucky to join that long list of creators and to be a part of the DC family, thanks to ├╝bersmench Dan DiDio (VP - Executive Editor, DCU), Senior Editor extraordinaire Matt Idelson, Associate Editor (and efficiency personified) Nachie Castro, and the rest of the crew! DC is the best place to be, and moreso penciling a Batman book!"

"I'm thrilled that Al is now exclusive to DC," says Idelson. "His work on GOTHAM KNIGHTS has been nothing short of stellar, and he's just getting better and better."

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