'Batman: Gotham Knights #27' goes back to press

Official Press Release

DC Comics is pleased to announce that BATMAN: GOTHAM KNIGHTS #27 has gone

back to press after selling out its initial print run before its in-store

date of March 20.

The issue features the lead story "Positive I.D.," written by Devin Grayson,

with art by Roger Robinson and John Floyd and a cover by Brian Bolland,

along with a "Batman: Black & White" by Dwayne McDuffie and Denys Cowan.

The lead story, which guest-stars Superman, closely relates to the

continuing "Bruce Wayne: Fugitive" storyline.

"I feel truly honored to work with such amazing characters, and also with

the wildly talented likes of Roger Robinson, Brian Bolland and rest of the

Gotham Knights creative team, not to mention the exceptional Bat-writers and

editors with whom I collaborate," says Devin Grayson. "Batman's story is

terrifically compelling, and I'm always elated when sales of any Batbook

indicates that something we did allows more readers to experience it."

"All the Batman titles that touch on the 'Fugitive' storyline are

experiencing dramatically increased sales," says Vince Letterio, Manager -

Direct Sales. "Now is a good time for retailers to look at their orders on

the upcoming 'Fugitive' chapters and all other Batman-related titles."

BATMAN GOTHAM KNIGHTS #27 second printing (JAN025212) has an instore date of

April 4. To order copies of this second printing, please contact your

Diamond Service Representative or your DC Direct Sales Representative.

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