Batman: George Clooney Reveals His Advice To Ben Affleck on the Role

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Batman & Robin star George Clooney had a major piece of advice for Ben Affleck before the latter started playing the Caped Crusader.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Clooney and Affleck worked together on Argo, which eventually led to the the former giving the latter some advice about taking on the role. “I actually did talk to him about it. I said, ‘Don’t do it.’” Clooney recalled. “It was only from my experience, which is, you know... He did great, though.”

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Clooney played Batman in 1997's Batman & Robin. The movie was not well-received critically. Both Clooney and director Joel Schumacher are openly critical of the film, having apologized for it publically.

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Affleck didn't take Clooney's advice and made his debut as Batman in 2016's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. He later reprised the role for Suicide Squad and Justice League before stepping away from the role earlier this year. At this time, Twilight star Robert Pattinson will reportedly replace him in Matt Reeves' The Batman, seemingly confirming reports the production is looking for a younger actor.

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The Batman is directed by Matt Reeves, who will also produce alongside Dylan Clark. The film is scheduled to be released on June 25, 2021

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