Frank Miller Is Returning for Tom King's Batman

Batman writer Tom King dropped a bombshell on the comic book community today when he teased a collaboration with the acclaimed writer of Batman: Year One and writer/artist of The Dark Knight Returns, Frank Miller.

King tweeted an image of a battle-damaged and decidedly Miller-drawn Dark Knight, along with the caption, "Coming up in Batman. Art by Frank Miller."

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Unfortunately, King stopped short of providing any additional details, such as what issue the art is from and whether Miller is doing any interior pages. However, Miller is solicited to provide the variant cover for January 2019's Batman #62, so perhaps this is simply a reveal of that cover art.

Earlier today, King also used his Twitter account to provide an outline for the remainder of what's slated to be a 105-issue Batman run, which is currently just over the halfway point. According to King, the post-wedding "Cold Days" arc will wrap up with Issue #60. Then, Issues #61 to 69 will feature a new storyline titled "Knightmares," which he described as an "epic arc scraping at the soul of Batman. (With a Flash break at 64, 65)." After that, Issues #70-74 will be home to an arc titled "The Fall and the Fallen," and Issue #75 will kick off "A huge Bat event with a secret name that sets us up for the end at 105."

That being said, it remains to be seen how Miller might factor into King's gameplan, but in any case, many longtime Batman readers are rightfully elated about the legendary creator's return to the Dark Knight.

Batman #60, written by Tom King with art by Mikel Janín and Jorge Fornes, goes on sale tomorrow from DC Comics.

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