Williamson Explains His Batman & Flash Crossover's Heroes in Crisis Ties

The DC Universe's greatest detectives will be investigating a cold case from the Justice League's past, while dealing with the fallout of the publisher's recent events. As part of its February solicitations, DC Comics announced "The Price," a four-part crossover that will bring Batman and the Flash together this winter.

Taking place in The Flash #64-65 and Batman #64-65, the story is written by Joshua Williamson and drawn by Rafa Sandoval and Guillem March. Artist Chris Burnham will be providing covers for all four issues.

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The crossover takes place in the midst of Heroes in Crisis and follows recent events in Batman, making it a can't-miss story for fans of both the Dark Knight and Scarlet Speedster. "The Price" will bring these two heroes to the very limit of their friendship, but can they solve the case before turning on each other? CBR had a chance to talk with Williamson about this crossover, how it came to be, whether Batman and the Flash will come to blows, and the return of Gotham Girl.

CBR: When does “The Price” take place? The Flash only just learned about Wally West's demise. Now he's working with Batman. Does this story take place concurrently with Heroes in Crisis, and is this case connected to the shooting in any way, or is it something different?

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Joshua Williamson: It takes place after The Flash #63, Flash Annual #2, Heroes in Crisis #4 and Batman #63. It’s pretty caught up in terms of the continuity. It’s connected to the tragedy in Heroes in Crisis in that it’s affected the Justice League and the heroes of the DCU emotionally. Batman and Flash have a bit of tension between them and must set that aside to solve an old case that has reopened.

Even though it ties directly with what’s going on in Heroes in Crisis, it can still stand on its own as a Batman and Flash detective story. By the end, you’ll see how these four issues tease some of the big plans we have for the epic future of the DCU.

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