Batman fan turns a spare room into his own Batcave

When Batman fan Darren Wilson wanted somewhere to display his $21,000 collection of comics memorabilia, he looked no further than a spare room in his house. However, he didn't just leave it as any old room.

The 46-year-old sculptor devoted evenings and weekends for the better part of 18 months transforming the space into his own version of the Batcave, complete with papier-mâché stalactites and a faux water pipe running through his "subterranean" lair.

"I was doing the room as a computer room initially and it just came to me," the Wiltshire, England, resident told the Mirror. "People who see it are pretty amazed. We like to be different, but every other room is normal."

Although the transformation required a lot of time and hard work, it didn't take a lot of money: Wilson said he completed the project for less than $140.

Now he has a proper place to showcase collection, which includes thousands of comics books (two of which are signed by Batman co-creator Bob Kane).

But while Wilson's tiny Batcave may not have space to park a Batmobile, it does have one thing Bruce Wayne's doesn't: a window.

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