Batman fan transforms his Mitsubishi Lancer into the Batmobile

After spending more than two and half years and $2,800 on modifications, one Batman fan has unveiled his own Batmobile. Well, it's actually his family's Mitsubishi Lancer, but it definitely screams "Batman."

The black compact car belongs to 48-year-old Scott Russell of Johnstone, Scotland, who definitely has an eye for detail: Bat-symbols grace the wheels, grill, headlights and headrests, with a much larger version stretched across the doors. The Dark Knight himself keeps watch from the hood.

There's even an "Applied Sciences Division Gotham" license plate frame, and a Wayne Enterprises sticker on a window (which may provide a clue to Batman's identity).

“Obviously when I was a child through all the different Michael Keaton movies and stuff like that I’ve seen Batman," he tells Deadline News. "It’s just a fascination I’ve had since I was young.”

Russell said he mostly uses the car for special occasions and charity events -- and to embarrass his 14-year-old daughter when he picks her up from school. Unfortunately for her, however, Russell's Batmobile isn't quite complete; he wants to make another $5,600 or so in modifications.

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