Batman: The 15 Most Ridiculously Expensive Things That Bruce Wayne Owns

It's easy to forget that Batman and Bruce Wayne are the same person. OK, so it's really not, but in terms of personality, the two couldn't be more different. Batman is the brooding, dark and mysterious man who refuses help in some of the simplest situations. Bruce Wayne, on the other hand, has to be everything that Batman is not. Bruce Wayne is an overconfident bachelor. He's in the public eye enough to prohibit suspicion, despite how close to the line he rides. But most of all, Bruce Wayne is loaded, and everybody knows it. Sure, by relation that means Batman is rich, but the crime-fighting Dark Knight rarely holds his money over his allies' heads, where Bruce Wayne uses it as a tool of deception.

And over the years, Bruce Wayne has collected a fair amount of unbelievably expensive possessions, whether in or out of the Batman suit. Sometimes it's to get closer to his enemies like The Penguin or The Riddler, other times his allies in the Justice League or one of its offshoot teams. He's bought shark repellant, spaceships and satellites, not to mention business, hotels and startups. Talk about money to blow. Here are the most ridiculously expensive things Bruce Wayne has ever bought.



Yes, that's right. Bruce Wayne owns The Daily Planet, the print publication well known in the DC Comics Universe. Not only is it a prominent news organization in-universe, but it also acts as cover for both Clark Kent as Superman and Lois Lane as an ally and companion to Superman. In recent comics, it's even helped Lois Lane and Clark Kent's son Jon keep a low-profile. How they keep getting away with it with minimal effort? We'll never know.

So, is it any surprise that Bruce Wayne owns one of the most prominent media organizations in the world? Not really. We don't really get a vibe that Wayne influences the paper's content production at all, but he could see it as beneficial to keep tabs on one of his closest allies, Superman. Wayne bought the paper sometime after it went from Lex Luthor's ownership to Perry White's.


trophies in Batman's Batcave

Fans of Batman and his comic exploits should be more than familiar with the appearance of Batman's animatronic tyrannosaurus-rex, a life-sized green dinosaur that is an ever-present fixture of the Batcave. And while he didn't necessarily pay for the T-rex with money, it is surely an expensive piece of technology. Just how much do you think one of those Jurassic Park puppets costs, anyway? Yeah, exactly.

The T-rex became a key part of Batman's Trophy Room long before it became a fixture of the Batcave. It was originally a robot Batman had to face on Dinosaur Island in one of his earliest adventures. Of course, he brought it back after its defeat and kept it as a trophy. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer, right?



While never explicitly discussed, its been hinted at many times over the years that the owner and benefactor of the Teen Titans and their Titans Tower is none other than Bruce Wayne himself. And, well, it makes complete sense. Most of the Teen Titans teams have been led by a Robin, whether it was Dick Grayson and his original Titans, Tim Drake and the New 52 team of Teen Titans or, most recently, Damian Wayne and his crew.

We're thinking exactly what you're thinking. There's no way any of those Robins could score enough cash, rapport with a development company and trust from enough people to have the Titans Tower built on their own buck. Throw Bruce Wayne and his nigh-infinite financial resources into the mix and you've got the perfect springboard for a team of teen superheroes.



With the unlimited resources of Bruce Wayne, Tim Drake was able to build his greatest vision to its fullest in the recent pages of Detective Comics. Yes, the Belfry is the culmination of Tim Drake's brain, Bruce Wayne's monetary prowess and Batman's want to protect Gotham for good -- even if that means building his own army full of Bat-Family members. And, you know, Clayface.

But The Belfry is suped up with the latest in espionage and technology, allowing Drake and co. to handle everything from simple crime to a Danger Room-like training zone utilizing Clayface's, well, clay. And while the building itself has seen some pretty wild damage since its inception, it remains a clear example of just how fast Bruce Wayne can work with his money.


Bruce Wayne is no stranger to owning the latest and greatest in space technology. Thing of him like the Elon Musk of the Justice League, except he also loves being dark, brooding and taking on lots of pain and stress. That aside, fans of the Batman comics have seen plenty of Bat-spaceship iterations over the years, from the Bat-saucer prominent in earlier comics and JLA: Classified, to full-class interstellar speeders used to travel around the galaxy.

On top of that, you have a whole set of Batwings, some of which have had the capacity to leave Earth's orbit. But hey, with all of that money, Bruce Wayne has got to blow off steam somehow. Why not take a trek through the milky way, or even the multiverse?


This one is obviously a no-brainer, right? Bruce Wayne is the heir to the Wayne fortune, built by his parents Thomas and Martha Wayne. After their death, Bruce inherited it all, from the technology and science divisions to the amassed wealth of the family. Of course, Bruce Wayne would go on to use that to his advantage when he decided to become a night-faring superhero. Wayne Enterprises has helped developed everything from the Batsuit to the Justice League Watchtower.

But on top of that, Wayne Enterprises works on the cutting edge of science of technology, charity and philanthropy. In many cases, there is nothing that Wayne Enterprises can't do, but the point remains clear: the company itself is one of the most expensive things Bruce Wayne technically owns.


The Penny Plunderer

If you had to guess two things in Batman's Batcave, chances are the giant penny would be one of them. The other acceptable options would be the giant, animatronic T-rex and The Joker's calling card. You're probably thinking, "It's just a penny! It's only worth one cent." Well, that giant penny happens to contain a whole mess of copper. Jokes aside, the thing is enormous, extravagant and kind of unnecessary.

The giant penny was another fixture of Batman's original Trophy Room, a piece of memorabilia he picked up on one of his earliest adventures. Since then, it has found itself in most iterations of the Batcave as a mainstay. Though, we can't imagine any business with a brain would accept the thing as currency. Jokes!


Batman built a flying Batcave back in the day so that he and Robin could operate their vigilante mission from anywhere at anytime, without having to head deep into Gotham to refuel. The bonafide spaceship held most of what was needed from the cave and offered a form of transportation for the duo as well. But let's be honest, it couldn't have been cheap to mobilize Batman's base of operations.

Of course, the idea of the flying Batcave eventually fell to the much-more emissions-friendly concept of having Batcaves spread all over. This way, any member of the Bat-family could operate from any part of Gotham, and sometimes outside of it. This helped when Batman passed the cape and cowl to Dick Grayson. Now that we think about it, Grayson's Batmobile looked oddly like a spaceship...


5. Brother Eye Apokolips

While the technology of Brother Eye is technically only in its infancy in the current Batman comics, we've gotten enough of a glimpse into the future to know just how much of a monster Brother Eye really is. Batman, acting basically as lead designer on the project, sought an artificial intelligence that could make the promise of the Bat-Family expand and extend outward with ease.

Of course, given what we know from Future's End and Batman Beyond's continuity, it's hard to think of Brother Eye as anything less than a maniacal, overzealous AI hellbent on dominating or eradicating humanity. But the tech itself, given its hyper-intelligence in nature, must have been awfully expensive. We'd tally it high up there in things that Bruce Wayne owns.



You don't suit up your entire family and friends with military-grade armor without dropping some serious dough on research and development. And in Bruce Wayne's career as Batman, we'd hate to see how many zeroes that total cost has. For himself, he's developed everything from underwater gear to spacesuits and everything in between, not to mention what he's done for Nightwing, Batgirl, every single Robin and more.

And while the suits may not always emulate high fashion, they are absolutely loaded with bleeding edge technology, from infrared sensors to any number of gadgets, protocols and artificial intelligence. The Batsuit is one of the greatest culminations of Bruce Wayne's wealth. It literally keeps him from dying while he's in the field, since he is just a man, after all.


Of all of the wild gadgets, buildings and such that Bruce Wayne owns, the Watchtower might be the one that's best suited to keep an entire planet safe from harm. It also happens to be the base of operations for the main Justice League team. Yes, that's right, Bruce Wayne himself bankrolled the budget and construction of the team's hideout, where Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg, Flash and the Green Lanterns currently brief and debrief on missions. It also allows for seamless teleportation from the Earth to its main station. That can't be cheap.

So the thing is expensive, yeah? Well, it's also had to be rebuilt multiple times since it entered Earth's orbit, and avoids colliding with the Earth itself more often than you'd think. Those repair costs? We don't even want to think about those.


Ah, the Batmobile. Ask most people if they could have any of Batman's gadgets, which would they pick? Chances are, most are going to choose the Batmobile, or any one of its iterations. Sure, we can look at one Batmobile and it might just be a blip on Bruce Wayne's financial radar, but when we factor in just how many different vehicles the man has, the costs start to stack up. Batman is like Tony Stark with armor, except with vehicles, suits, buildings and a handful of other things.

The Batmobile has also been equipped to handle any number of scenarios, from the murderous fields of Apokolips to the underwater city of Atlantis. You don't get that kind of magic from any old car dealership. No, that's some grade-A Wayne Enterprises research and development.


The crown jewel of Bruce Wayne's secrecy would have to be the Batcave. From it, he built his entire operation. The Batcave is loaded with the latest in technology, stuff regular people won't get their hands on for years and years. It's loaded with vehicles, additional Batsuits, gadgets and much, much more. It's also the pseudo-home to the Bat-Family, and the crew will regularly gather for family meetings. Not to mention its home to Ace, the Bathound and Batcow (thanks, Damian.)

So as much as the Batcave is worth actual, physical money to Bruce Wayne, it seems to be worth a heck of a lot more in emotional and sentimental value. Of course, you'll never get Bruce to admit it, but that's where the magic truly happens.


Yes, Kryptonite. The fictional ore that could quite literally take down Superman has long been in the possession of Bruce Wayne. And sure, Bruce does keep it just in case he himself needs to take down the Big Blue, but he also has it just in case he needs it for literally anything else, like faking a deal with Lex Luthor. You know, that guy loves Kryptonite.

But since the ore is from the planet Krypton, its pretty scarce to find nowadays. An element like that can't come on the cheap. And while Bruce Wayne himself may not have paid for it, his possession of it means he holds one of the most expensive minerals in the galaxy. That's pretty impressive, even if it is just part of Bruce Wayne's collection of literally everything.


OK, so Bruce Wayne doesn't directly own every song that the real-life band The Beatles actually made, but in canon, he comes pretty close. In 1970, an issue of Batman centered around the conspiracy that The Beatles died in a plane crash comes to fruition, with only one member of the band making it out alive. Batman then convinces the remaining member to start a new band, and Batman signs them to his record. Yes, his record label.

So one would assume that with the musical rights of the last surviving member of the band came The Beatles' discography in perpetuity. If so, Wayne Enterprises could be sitting pretty today thanks to the music of one of the greatest bands of all time. Pretty wacky, right?

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