Batman: The Enemy Within Trailer Teases Arrival of [SPOILER]

A new trailer for the second episode of Telltale's Batman: The Enemy Within has arrived, and it appears that none other than Bane, the man who broke the Bat, is ready to make his presence felt in Gotham City.

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This episode marks the introduction of Harley Quinn into the Telltale universe, where instead of being in love with Joker and fawning over everything he does, she's the one in charge while Joker (still known as John Doe here) is head over heels. As both Bruce Wayne and Batman, players will have to go up against the Clown Princess of Crime before Gotham is destroyed in the wake of her madness, even if it means crossing some lines as Bruce. But while she's the focus of the episode and the trailer, it appears that Bane will be making his debut into the universe ahead of the story's next chapter.

How Bane will play into the story beyond being a boss is unknown at this point, but the fight between him and Batman is surely on the horizon, with the villain himself promising, "This has only just begun" in a gravelly voice.

Telltale Batman: The Enemy Within's second episode, The Pact, comes to consoles, PC and mobile on Oct. 3.

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