Batman Dons Sinestro Corps Uniform in "Arkham City"

With the release of Warner Bros. Games and Rocksteady Studio's long-awaited sequel "Batman: Arkham City" only a few days away, the news surrounding it has been piling up like crazy. CBR has been paying attention and has compiled the best, latest bits into one convenient place, including word on an exclusive new skin, Batman-related goods for your Xbox Live Avatar and a chance to win an exclusively designed 360 console.

XBL Avatar Goods Now Available

As part of the promotion for the upcoming Xbox 360 version of "Batman: Arkham City," WB Games has teamed up with Microsoft to provide Xbox Live subscribers the opportunity to dress their virtual Avatar characters in various Batman goods, which are already available to download.

These goods vary, ranging in price from 80 Microsoft points ($.99) to 400 ($5), depending what you're in the mood for. They include weapons for your character to use (Catwoman's whip, the Batarang and Two-Face's coin, for instance), t-shirts featuring a variety of characters from the game (including the previously hinted at Nightwing) and Bane's mask -- perfect if you're a fan of Christopher Nolan's upcoming "The Dark Knight Rises," featuring the nearly unstoppable madman.

But something that fans will likely appreciate the most are the full-body costumes. For 400 Microsoft points ($5) apiece, players can dress up as Batman, the Joker and Robin (complete with hood), or if you prefer to take on a more feminine look, as the ever-popular Harley Quinn and Catwoman.

As we said before, the items are available for purchase now. Our only complaint? No sign of the Joker's devastating hand buzzer. Perhaps it'll be introduced down the road!

Exclusive Batman Sinestro Skin Included With "Green Lantern" Blu-Ray At Best Buy

Warner Bros. is set to release its effects-laden superhero movie "Green Lantern" on Blu-Ray this Friday in a special Extended Cut package, featuring an additional DVD and downloadable copy of the film. However, if you pick it up from Best Buy you'll also gain a cool little extra for the PlayStation 3 version of "Batman: Arkham City" -- a downloadable Sinestro costume.

The outfit, which dresses the Dark Knight in a bright yelllow and black costume similar to the one Sinestro is famous for donning in DC Comics' "Sinestro Wars" crossover, is currently being offered exclusively with the Blu-Ray, although chances are WB Games will release it as a separate download following the game's release, through the PlayStation Network. Only time will tell.

While the special package arrives this Friday, as of this writing, you can pre-order Green Lantern here.

Win a Limited Edition "Batman: Arkham City" Package, Including a Limited Edition Costume

As part of its promotion for the upcoming "Batman: Arkham City," WB Games is giving away a sweet little package that's ideal for fans of the Dark Knight. The grand prize in this giveaway is a custom-designed Xbox 360 console featuring artwork taken straight from "Arkham City," including images of Batman and the Joker. The collector's edition copy of the game is also included, complete with a Kotobukiya statue, art book and the game's soundtrack.

The console is not available for consumer purchase, and was only previously available through special giveaways at the Penny Arcade Expo in October. So obviously, this is a huge find for comic book fans.

To enter, simply head over to WB Games' official "Arkham City" Facebook page. Click the link that says, "Win a Free Xbox 360," fill in the fields and you're set. For good measure, you can also refer friends to the contest in order to receive additional good entries. Good luck!

Toys 'R Us Hosting Opening Day Event For "Batman: Arkham City," Including Special Appearances and an Early Game Release

To celebrate the release of "Batman: Arkham City," Toys 'R Us will be hosting a special opening day event, giving 100 of those who pre-ordered the game early not only an opportunity to take it home a day before its official release, but also meet folks involved with the game and get their copies autographed.

The event, set to take place on October 17 at the Toys 'R Us Times Square location in New York, will be limited to the first 500 copies of the game. Folks are encouraged to pre-order the game through the Personal Shopping Department at the store, though they have the option to purchase it on the day of the event. The first 100 who pre-purchase will receive a ticket for their copy of the game, along with access to a special signing event where they can meet and greet with some of the people who worked on "Arkham City", including DC Entertainment artist and co-publisher Jim Lee, "Arkham City" director Sefton Hill (of Rocksteady Studios) and the voice of Batman himself, Kevin Conroy.

Other activities taking place at the event include live "Batman: Arkham City" demos, an opportunity to check out a statue of Batman in his "Arkham City" costume and special appearances by the Dark Knight and Catwoman, with plenty of photo opportunities. If you're in the New York area, be sure to check it out.

"Batman: Arkham City" hits stores October 18, for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The PC version will be released shortly thereafter

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