Batman Dines with Beetlejuice in James Franco's 'Batjuice'

If you've ever wondered what a dinner featuring Batman, Beetlejuice and various friends and enemies would look like, the inimitable James Franco has you covered.

As part of AOL's new web-series Making a Scene (via IGN), which involves a spinning wheel filled with titles that are then mashed up to create an entirely new (and decidedly strange) scene, Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight runs smack dab into Tim Burton's Beetlejuice. The new scene features James Franco as Batman, a Catwoman in the mold of the Burton-directed Batman Returns and plenty of possibilities for laughs -- and that's all before the entire group breaks into a rendition of "Day-O" a la the classic Beetlejuice dinner scene.


The short features clever nods to Batman history, the oft-criticized relationship between Batman and Robin and Beetlejuice telling Batman that Michael Keaton was the best Dark Knight.

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