Batman the Devastator: Why the Dark Knight Morphed into Doomsday

The main villain of Dark Knights: Metal was the dark god Barbatos. Originally the dragon to the World-Forger, Barbatos' ambitions grew too great, and he transformed the darkest realities created by his former master into the Dark Multiverse. Envying the main DC multiverse, Barbatos ended up assembling a group of dark versions of Batman to open up a rift for him to travel through.

Of the seven, perhaps the most physically powerful is the Devastator. A hulking figure, the Devastator has all the strengths of Doomsday. But what makes him so dangerous is his mind: a cold and furious incarnation of Bruce Wayne, giving this Doomsday a cunning sense of strategy. Now, CBR is looking back at the history of the Devastator, and the role he played in Dark Knights: Metal.

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dark nights metal batman devastator

The Devastator was once known as Batman, on the world designated as Earth -1. On this world, Batman and Superman had worked together as friends, for a little while at least. Eventually, this version of Superman went rogue and attacked humanity. This betrayal ultimately broke this version of Batman. Giving in to despair, Batman watched as his former friend quickly destroyed and killed almost everything he had formerly held dear.

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This Batman tried to "cure" Superman of whatever brainwashing had happened until this version of Superman killed his wife, Lois Lane. Batman went to confront his friend. He got an arm cut off by this Superman with heat vision, and, in an apparent nod to Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. his kryptonite spear were knocked away. Before Superman could kill him, Batman revealed he'd injected himself with the Doomsday Virus. The virus not only empowered him, it hardened his heart to all sympathy. The newly christened Devastator made quick work of Superman, using the element of surprise to murder his friend cold blood.


The Devastator has all the mental prowess of Batman. This gives him a tactical edge in almost every fight, with a quick wit and knowledge of most fighting styles. His Doomsday Virus enhanced his body, making him impervious to most attacks. His bone spikes are a naturally occurring source of weapons, and he also used a distinctive green cough to infect his Superman, leading to bone spikes bursting out of his body.

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By the time the Dark Knights attack Prime Earth, the Devastator fully adjusted to his powers. He serves as the muscle of the group. While Dawnbreaker is used to attack the Justice League and the Merciless brings down those that would protect the government, the Devastator goes head to head with the reserve Justice League. Heavy hitters like Supergirl, Firestorm and the Flash are beaten down by him. Even Lobo, whose regenerative powers make him almost unstoppable, can't stand up to the Devastator. In fact, the evil Batman throws Lobo into the sun at one point, reasoning that'll keep him busy for a while.


Batman The Devastator

The Devastator, like the rest of the Dark Knights, conquered a city after seemingly defeating the heroes. His target was Metropolis. Wanting to "save" a version of the city he couldn't protect on his own world, he unleashes a variant of the Doomsday virus on the population. All of Metropolis quickly transforms into monsters like him, or die from the disease. Even Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen are ultimately affected, although Lois manages to keep her son Jon safe by locking him away in time.

The Devastator ultimately brought the Monitor's multiversal tuning fork to Gotham City. On Barbatos' orders, the tuning fork could be used to truly free Barbatos from the Dark Multiverse and let him infect all of creation with corrupted versions of the DC Universe. Luckily for the entire galaxy, the Justice League managed to arrive just in the nick of time with the unbelievably powerful tenth metal. This gave the League the edge they needed in their final battle with the Dark Knights. In the ultimate irony, the main DC Universe's version of Superman brings down the Devastator once and for all, apologizing as he does it.

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