Tony Daniel's Detective Comics #1000 Art Gathers the Entire Bat-Family

Batman Tony Daniel

Tony S. Daniel has revealed the line art of the highly anticipated Detective Comics #1000, showing the entire Bat-Family gathered together.

Daniel posted the art on Twitter with the caption reading, "Who’s ready for #Detectivecomics1000 ? #Batman #Catwoman." The sketch depicts several members of the Bat-Family in various panels, all engaged or posing dramatically.

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Notable faces include Dick Grayson (Nightwing), Damian Wayne (Robin), Tim Drake (Red Robin), Stephanie Brown (Spoiler), Barbara Gordon (Batgirl), Kate Kane (Batwoman), Jason Todd (Red Hood), Luke Fox (Batwing), Helena Bertinelli (Huntress), Cassandra Cane (Orphan) and, most interesting of all, Selina Kyle (Catwoman) with Alfred Pennyworth.

While the tweet reveals no plot details, the sketch does confirm statements before that Detective Comics #1000 will be a massive Bat-Family crossover. While other Bat-Family characters -- most notably Clayface and Azrael -- are absent, it remains to be seen if they will play a role in the story. In fact, it remains to be seen if any of these characters will play a role in the story or if these are merely cameo appearances.

Regardless, Detective Comics #1000 is slated to arrive on March 27, and the 96-page giant features the first in-comics appearance of the Arkham Knight -- though no one knows who is hiding under the mask. The issue also features a staggering 33 variant covers and will celebrate the 80th anniversary of Batman.

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