Batman Deciphers A Riddle In "Beware the Batman" Clip

In anticipation of its July 13 debut, DC Comics has released a new clip of the new "Beware the Batman" animated series on Cartoon Network. The clip features Batman attempting to solve a riddle left by Professor Pyg and Mr. Toad involving none other than Michael Holt -- better known to DC fans as Mr. Terrific.

"We specifically wanted villains who were going to be able to highlight different aspects of Batman's personality," Producer Mitch Watson told CBR News of the show's diverse rogues gallery. "We didn't just want to tell stories where we went, 'This dude is robbing a bank or hijacking a plane' or whatever. We didn't want to tell those stories at all. It's all about these villains and how they affect a different dynamic with Batman. It really works because you've seen so many shows and so many comics that focus on Catwoman's relationship with Batman or the Joker and Penguin's relationship with Batman. It's hard to tell anything new or see any new nuances with those stories. But when you stick a character in there like Professor Pyg or Magpie or Anarky, suddenly the relationship completely changes. These aren't characters you're used to see Batman playing against, so we get to see different aspects of Batman's personality while also exploring aspects of the new characters' personalities. It gives the characters a new vibe and really opens the show up."

Check out the clip below.

"Beware the Batman" airs Saturdays on Cartoon Network.

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