Why Batman: The Dawnbreaker Can't Break Hal Jordan

Fans have made jokes about Batman and Green Lantern being potentially deadly in the past, but DC Comics' current Dark Nights: Metal event shows how true that really is.

In the Dark Multiverse, there's a version of Batman who got ahold of a Green Lantern ring immediately following his parents' murder, which turned out to be the worst thing imaginable. After he steps into the Green Power Battery and supercharging its energy with his inner darkness, he adopted the name of the Dawnbreaker and has allied himself with the Dark Knights, six other versions of Batman from the Dark Multiverse, each of whom took similarly villainous turns.

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Now, the Dawnbreaker and his evil allies are taking the fight to the Justice League in the "Bats Out Of Hell" crossover currently running through the Leaguer's various titles. But while each of the Dark Knights is formidable enough to murder or enslave their entire home planets, they've never run into Hal Jordan.

"There is nothing that's going to negate what Hal's true power is and that's his willpower, his ability to overcome great fear," writer Robert Venditti told CBR when discussing what will happen when the evil Bruce Wayne clashes with the prototypical GL. "He's seen horrible, terrible things, up to and including the death of his own father, so he has the confidence to know that he has pushed through those things. For Dawnbreaker to put him in a cage and turn out the lights and try to scare him with spooky voices -- for Hal, that's almost funny... Bruce Wayne can have all of the strategy that he wants, but you can't make somebody afraid that doesn't get afraid, someone who can overcome fear. That's an interesting story to tell."

The Dawnbreaker will go toe-to-toe with Jordan in Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #32, on sale next week.

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