Batman: Damned #2 Cover Teases A Dangerously Dark Harley Quinn


This September will see the launch of DC's new mature imprint, Black Label, with the arrival of Batman: Damned #1 by Luthor and Joker collaborators Brian Azzarello and Lee Bermejo. The prestige format limited series takes place outside of the main DC continuity, and begins with the shocking and mysterious death of the Joker.

To solve the crime, Batman has no choice but to team-up with the DC Universe's foremost Master of the Dark Arts, John Constantine. It's been promised that the two characters will explore the supernatural underworld of Gotham City, and we now know that issue #2 will feature such characters as Etrigan the Demon, Enchantress and Deadman.

But wherever the Joker goes, Harley Quinn is more than likely to appear. The advance solicits of DC Comics' November releases have revealed the cover of Batman: Damned #2, and it features a Harley Quinn the likes of which we have never seen before. In keeping with the macabre overtones of the story, the Clown Princess of Crime has received a new stellar design that gives her a Day of the Dead makeover. This Harley looks unsettling and, if the Joker is truly dead, then she will unleash mayhem upon Gotham City.

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Check out the full solicit for Batman: Damned #2:


  • written by BRIAN AZZARELLO
  • art and cover by LEE BERMEJO
  • As Batman’s descent into the madness of Gotham City’s decadent underbelly continues, he must try to exorcise some of his demons…and who better to help than the Demon, Etrigan himself. And where there’s demons, there’s also a Deadman, a Spectre, an Enchantress and a host of other supernatural friends and foes—it’s a veritable Grand Guignol!
  • ON SALE 11.21.18
  • $6.99 US | 2 of 3 | 48 PAGES
  • APPROXIMATELY 8.5” x 10.875”

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DC’s Black Label will launch this fall. The first issue of Batman: Damned, written by Azzarello and illustrated by Bermejo, hits store shelves Sept. 19.

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